Friday, July 1, 2011

I Won I Won! Sorda...

Remember I mentioned earlier in the week how I was on the hunt for a new chandy for the dining room on a peanut butter and jelly budget?Well last night I won this one on Ebay!! Well not really won it but paid the $5 extra dollars and just out right purchased it so I would not have to wait around or miss out on it because I am infamous for forgetting abt stuff I am watching on there. Anyways, guess how much!? $45 y'all!!! It has six lights and from the measurements posted it should be just the right size. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one and that it arrives in one piece!!

Today instead of working on the floors or doing laundry the boys and I headed out to The Old Oak Cottage which  the boys lovingly refer to as The Cookie Store" because Ms. Marci always has cookies out for all of her guest. Oldest was just amazed at the new show room out there and even made it the topic of conversation during dinner with The Hubster. I am sure The Hubster was just thrilled!;) Anyways, I always come home with some type of treasure cause I just can not help myself. (The cute basket I purchased from HomeGoods a few months back.)

I fell in love with these mini sconces with bling! They are even hard wired so I can use them as actual lights. I have no place for that though so now I am trying to figure out how to dissect them and use them a candelabras instead without destroying them. 

I just love the pantina on these darlings!

I also got the April and May issues of Romantic Homes. They were half off and again I just could not help myself. Thats two for the price of one and well I'm cheap.

I look thru these magazines time and time again and well these floors jumped right out at me! They have the lil' wheels in my brain going round and round thats for sure! Now if I can only convince The Hubster of my grand plan!;)

And look at those mini wood beams in this pic! They have me saying hmmmm as well! Oh darling hubby ya got a sec!?;)

 I could not leave with out including this pic for Ma and The Nana. This is how I found the boys yesterday afternoon when I took a short break from the floors. I thought it was rather strange I was not being interrupted. And yes, there is another peek at the new flooring! I keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end! It will all be worth it in the end. Maybe.

One last thing before I go, thank you to my new followers this week! Ya put me over the 300 mark!  

It's 1 am y'all and this mama is tired so I am outta here!! Have a good one!


  1. Great looking chandy, Pamela! It comes with those crystals, too? Love it and you can't go wrong for $45.00! Great basket; it looks perfect for holding your magazines. I'm trying to be good right now until I find out what we are doing with the house. The less I bring in, the less I will have to pack!

  2. Hey Miss Pam! Congrats to you on your win/purchase. LOL! I think that is an excellent deal and will look great. Can't wait to see it, installed!

  3. What a SCORE on that chandy Pamela! You are one determined gal and it pays off big time. I love those little sconces too and wish I could go visit that shop with you! :-)

  4. Good luck on the chandy. It looks great in the photo!

  5. Hey tired Mama! I hope you got some rest since this post, but prolly not!!

    I love the chandelier. It is going to be fantastic and I would like for your hubster to run over and install some of those mini beams for me too while he has all of the tools out!

    Happy Fourth to you and your sweet family!

  6. Glad to hear you "won". Come see what else you "won".

  7. Awesome price on that chandy! Way to go! I love those sconces too. You have to find a way to hard wire them in. It might even be worth hiring someone. They are so unique!


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