Thursday, June 30, 2011

Atlanta-What You Can Get For Your Money

This home is truly a charmer! I found it on the Realtors site a few weekends ago after The Hubster and I had our yearly talk about what life would be like if we moved back closer to family. One of the concerns was home prices. You can get sooo much more house or your money where we live now it is not funny. He did not think we could afford to live in Atlanta.

The wood floors and trim moldings are after my heart.

This kitchen is soo bright and airy. I love all the windows!

And check out this window display in the living room!!! Gorgeous! I love seeing all the trees outside! 

Yep, the fireplace even gets two thumbs up from me!

Upstairs balcony is a plus and so cozy.

And OMG this is what totally sold me on this home! I LOVE this out door living space!! It even has outdoor speakers!

Just a charming 3200 sq ft house for $259,9000. Yep we can afford that! Are we gonna pack up our bags and head east? Not likely, though it would be sooooo very nice to live by family and something you just can not measure it is all about job security these days. The thing I noticed when looking at Atlanta homes and what pretty much ended the Atlanta conversation was the fact that there are sooooooo many short sales and foreclosures there. Almost every other house I had found was one and that got me thinking. The Hubster has a pretty secure job...knocking on wood...that he has had for ten years now. It is what brought us to the big state of TX two short days after we were married. It is a solid job and we have NEVER had worries that he was going to loose his job. He has a great retirement plan and with the right planning things will only get better for us here. We will be able to provide for the boys and pay for their schooling to ensure they have a great start out in this crazy thing we call life. It is very hard to give something like that up and we thank the Lord above every day for that security! For right now Texas still is the right answer for us but who knows maybe down the road we will actually stop talking about what if and just throw caution to the wind. Doubt it but ya never know what life has in store for ya!


  1. It is amazing how areas are so different, Pamela! A house like that here in my area would be asking over $600,000.00.

  2. That is a CRAZY price on that!! But, I'm so with you on all of the processing about where to set down roots. My entire family live in other states and it is something I grieve (intensly at times). In this day and age, we too are so thankful for my husband's job and a roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes on our backs... not that they are always clean...just sayin'! LOL! It's funny how in marriage and life you have these times of really praying and pondering about whether or not you are supposed to take a "next step". I will pray that you guys will feel clarity and peace about whatever you decide, my friend!

  3. Yep, great house prices here which is bad for us if we ever have to sale. Our house is already worth less than half than it was three years ago. This economy has hit this area hard because this is where building was booming. Now all those homes plus people who cannot afford the mega mansions they purchased a few years ago has caused so many foreclosures. My husband is in the wrong end of the job market for this too which is banking and it isn't pretty! Be thankful that your husband has a secure job and retirement. We thought we did until three years ago.

  4. Oh, I think I could be very happy in that home. Heck of a commute for my husband, though!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my coffee table!

  5. I'm with you...I'm loving those outdoor spaces! What a gorgeous home. OK, like TX, has great home prices but it sure is fun to window shop!

  6. We have tried to decide where we will want to end up after retirement. We're too close to buy twice, so we will hang on for about five more years, I guess....I sure could get used to THAT house!!

  7. Good grief! I cannot believe that house is that price in Atlanta! OMG! It surely would be priced through the roof here in my little neck of the woods. Honestly! I didn't think Atlanta had been hit so hard with housing price drops but I guess so. So sad for those who are trying to sell. You are wise to think of the thriving economy and values where you are first. What a dreamy home though!

  8. What a beautiful house and the price is amazing. We lived in Atlanta for twenty years and even way back then a house like this would have cost so much more.

  9. Hi Pamela! I came over from Honey's place.
    OMG!! I can't believe that house price!! Maybe I should move to Atlanta! Lol! Sheesh a house like that in my neighborhood would be more than 750k.....That outdoor space is calling my name too! *winks* But we've stayed where we are for the same reasons you do. So much of the country has been hit hard lately and my hubby loves his maybe when we retire?....So many wonderful places to ponder! Vanna


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