Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Saturday

So today we spent 10 hours working on gluing down the living room floor. That included me gluing my foot to my leg and later my leg to the floor. Not a great feeling but yes, you can go ahead and laugh if ya want to!:) The Hubster had a few chuckles that is till he got glue on his leg. I offered him up a waxing treatment but he passed!;)

I am over the moon with how the floor not only looks but now feels!!! I am especially excited because we managed to not use any transfers!! I was not sure we would be able to pull it off since the tile from the kitchen to the living room was cut uneven but thanx to my ever so patient Hubster...okay maybe not so patient but definitely loving and all worked out in the end. I am a perfectionist and though he knows I get it honest from my mama it still drives him insane at times.

I am pretending that this spot does not exists in my house!
Around 6:30 the boys were protesting and hungry and well Sarah's Vacation House was coming on at 7 on HGTV and we were plum wore out so we decided to stop here.  With it being Mother's Day and all tomorrow we may or may not finish it up and start on the shoe molding.

While chilling after dinner I browsed the local yard sale site and came up lucky on some things still being available.

Tomorrow we are going to go and look at this. $60 and needs some loving but I can do that. I think I have the perfect spot for it. The mirror frame I am thinking may become a chalk board or bulletin board upstairs for the boys in the lil' built in desk area.

Same lady has these two sets of plantation shutters for $25 for all! Pop um out of their frames and take off the hardware, throw a lil' paint on um and I have the perfect spot for at least two of them and I am sure can find somewhere for the other two. 

I also saw this table and chairs set. It is only $25 and would be perfect to refinish and sell! Not sure this one is still avail though.

Then there are three of these Southern Living At Home Sconces! She said they were $35 a piece which I believe and she just wants $10 a piece. I only need two.
  I now need to decide how much I really want each of these items. All great prices but not sure I am willing to part with my frenchy end table money just yet!;)

Also in case I do not get a chance to hop back on tomorrow Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's out there! I hope y'all have a wonderful day filled with love and laughter! Love ya Mama and Nana!


  1. Your floor is gorgeous!! I love all the finds you show...especially the shutters...they are my favourite things to find;o)

  2. Ohh just LOVING your floors Pamela!! Absolutely gorgeous! They are looking so wonderful! :) Hope you have a fantastic Mothers Day! Hugs, Courtney

  3. Your floor is looking so fantastic! What great garage sales finds. I've never heard of a local garage sale site but what a great idea. I just saw a chalkboard made from a mirror like you showed with the dresser. I found it in a mall yesterday and posted about it. It made a great chalkboard. I'd love to have that dresser too.

    Can't wait to hear what you end up coming home with.

  4. The floor looks so great, Pamela! Once this is all done, you and your hubby will feel better about all the hard work you put into it. Very funny about the glue ~ sorry! : ) Great finds, too, the dresser is great and that is on my mental list as "the next thing" I want to get. Wait until you see my next post I have scheduled; it is very much like one of the other items you found, although the one you found has better detail.

  5. Pamela, love that flooring. Hard work though. I didn't know they still made the kind you glued down. I thought they were all snap and lock now. My husband put in the glued kind with his brother for his brother years ago and hated that stuff. He said they had glue everywhere. Have a wonderful day today and rest if you can.

  6. Pamela, the floor is awesome!!! I cannot wait to start ours this fall. I can only hope it looks as wonderful as yours.

  7. Everything is looking fabulous! I know you will be glad when it is finished and you can start "playing" with the fun things.

  8. Your floor looks beautiful love the color of your walls as well. Garage sale dresser looks like one to snatch up

  9. Hey girl! Your floors are looking AMAZING!!! I am beyond impressed with what you guys are doing. :-) So, did I read that right that your frenchy end table sold? I love all of those other pieces you showed us and know you would be able to totally transform everything. Hope you had an extra special Mother's Day!

  10. Pamela, that looks great! I have carpet in my entire house (minus the kitchen) and WOW, I am dying to replace it with hardwood! Those carpet traffic stains are the pits...and we have a no-shoe rule! :( This looks great, but I think you have me convinced to HIRE someone else to do it. ;) ha

  11. Your floor looks fabulous! I am so jealous! Can't wait to see them all done!



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