Thursday, May 5, 2011

Model Home Tour

We have a new builder in our community and for the last two months I have been watching them build this beautiful model home. I could not wait for them to finish to see if it was as grand on the inside as it is on the outside. I will apologize in advance for the poor pic quality. All I had was my IPhone and was not sure I was allowed to take pics!;) With that being said I snapped what I could. 

Littliest liked the water fountain they have with a little stream. Not sure it will stay once they sell the model since it is against the HOA guidelines. Not sure why they do that. 

Love the carriage house garage doors but not sure I am digging the cedar.

When you first walk in you are drawn straight the the living room ceiling! Amazing!! Sorry I did not get a pick of the actual living room. Again I was not sure I was suppose to be clicking away.

The kitchen is open to the living room and very nice! I love the lighting above the island.

After my own heart with the farm house sink and I am in LOVE with the counter tops as well!! 

I have never seen anything like these before so I asked the rep and he said they were new to the market and called Artisan Stone Granite. I love it because it is soo different and not shiny like normal granite. It also has a slight texture to it but not anything that would make it hard to clean.

The kitchen leads you into the dining room. I dream of a home with some brick and stone work. 

The dining room is just beautiful and I LOVE LOVE the ceiling but I must say they went a tad over board with all the brick. It is EVERYWHERE in the house. Those beams I soooo want though!

Little office and more brick which is real in case you are wondering. The salesman made a point of letting  me know.

Master bedroom and again love the beams.

The half bath downstairs was very pretty. 

This pic is awful but I wanted to share what they did instead of wainscoting on the walls. It is the wood flooring! I may have to do this down our hallway to the dining room if we have any flooring left over. 

The stairs were unique as well in this home. I may try and figure out how to do this to our stairs in the fall. The boys want the carpet left and I want it gone but this is a great compromise! I think I would use the stone tile we used on the fireplace.

More brick but liked the display they came up with for this niche.

Small movie room and again more brick! It was cute though and multi  leveled so everybody could see the screen.

I did not take pics of all the bedrooms...four I think...but this one I thought was cute. The window treatment was even done with fishing rods but that pic did not come out. 

I love the tile in this bath. A very nice touch!
I thought this home was very beautiful and I am soo glad they stuck to the theme of the home from the outside to the inside. We have another new model that is french country on the outside but totally modern inside. I was soo disappointed. It even had white carpet everywhere. Not very model home friendly. I may try and go back and get pics of it.

Well thanx for coming along! This builder has one more model that I plan on going to when I get a chance. As soon as I do I will share if it is just as lovely as this home was!

Hope your week is going well!

P.s. I had a few questions abt how much this home was and I honestly had no idea. Well I just looked it up and BASE price on this floor plan is $538,000!! That  explains the comment the one rep made to the other when I said we were just looking. She mentioned to him that that is pretty much what the traffic thru the home was going to be about-lookers. I almost thought abt being offended but then again truth of the matter is is there are not many people shelling out for half a million dollar homes these days. I will be interested to see how well they do.


  1. WOWZER!!!! That is a gorgeous house if ever I've seen one! I love all the different architectural and design elements on the ceiling!!!!!!!

  2. It definitely looks lovely on the inside as well as the outside.

    I guess the brick everywhere does cut down on painting. I've never seen brick on a ceiling...

    Is the kitchen very big? It didn't look it in the pictures, but maybe that was just one part of it.

    Thanks for taking the pictures and letting us experience it too! I love model homes and now there are so few of them being done.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I LOVE touring model homes, so thank you!! I agree completely - the brick on the ceiling is cool, but I could live without it all over the walls. Nothing a little white or off white paint can't fix ;). Great tour.

  4. Beautiful! I just love touring model homes and I take pictures! LOL Great minds, hmm?

    The boys bedroom is just adorable and such a great idea.

  5. Very pretty house Pamela. Love all of the brick and stone work.

  6. Your pictures are great for a phone. That i phone takes good ones. What a gorgeous home. They love brick don't they.

  7. Gorgeous home. I love the beams also, but I agree, just a lot of brick. Hugs, Marty

  8. Wow some really unique design and interior to see whats is my favorite thing to do going to these home tours! Great post

  9. Wow impressive home!!! Great photos from your phone!
    I have to say i do love the cedar outside it adds warmth.
    I can only imagine how much this home costs!!

  10. WOW that home is GORGEOUS!! I agree it is a lot of brick but I love it! It adds so much texture. So pretty!! Love it! Thanks for sharing. Love that idea of putting wood flooring instead of wainscoting..

  11. Um WOW!!! What at amazing home and all that brick!! I do like most of it but it is a bit much in some spaces. I love the idea of the flooring for the walls, it is beautiful. Thank you for the tour and your iphone takes really good pics! :)

  12. Loved seeing this house. I loved the landscaping. Lots of cool things in this house. I'm with you I like some brick touches but I think they went a little over board with it. Thanks for sneaking the pics

  13. Hey, Pam. I loved looking through this house. You know I like brick, but I agree they took it a bit too far. I'd love to see this house in person. It's crazy what they do to the driveways in show homes. Why? I just dont' get it! Thanks for the tour. A lot a great ideas here. I love the island lighting too.

  14. Pam, your phone made great pics.
    Even if I had the cash to throw around, this home would be too much for me- in style and size BUT with that said- its beautiful and would serve a large family well for a lifetime.. Thanks for the tour.. Its mighty sweet of you to share it with us..


  15. It is a lovely home, but I'm with you...maybe a little less brick.
    I did like the dining room.

  16. Gorgeous home and very nicely decorated. Can't imagine the price tag. I loved the beams and the brick (although a little too much brick). I was a little stumped with something though. I love the garage doors but how in the heck is anyone going to use the garage, there is no driveway and the landscaping is in the way?


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