Sunday, March 27, 2011

Frenchy Fridge Magnets

I purchased these mini ornate frames last year in the $1 section at Michaels. I just loved them and decided to make them into fridge magnets. Perfect idea I thought and so I did that and this is how they have stayed ever since, empty. Well today I finally decided to find pics to place in them.

I found these awesome rooster pictures on google and fell in love. I hope to  find a real frenchy oil painting of roosters or bunnies someday.

Next I printed up the pictures smaller and removed the shiny plastic "glass" from the frames and tada some french country fridge magnets! Our printer is not the best and I am sure the graphic is not the best either for printing but yep, much better than some empty lil' frames!

The weather has been just beautiful here so I have been planting around the yard. Yesterday we found some beautiful 3 gallon azaleas for just $8 at Costco! We brought home two. This here is my project for the upcoming week that is if HobLob is nice enough to have what I need on sale!:)
Have a great start to your week y'all!

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  1. Those are way cute and so jealous that you are able to plant things! Love your bird stake!

  2. I rarely go to Michaels because I find everything I need like that at Hobby Lobby but I may have to make a special trip. Hope they still have some of these! Way cute!
    Love your background!

  3. How neat Pamela~ your little magnets look fantastic!! :)

  4. I've got a few of those ornate type frames from Michaels, too, Pamela! Haven't done anything with mine yet, but they were too good to pass up for $1.00. Love the images you found; they make for great magnets.


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