Sunday, March 27, 2011


This past week I enjoyed having my mom around. We went shopping and shopping and shopping some more. :) One place we went to was a very unique antique consignment store over on 1960 and I have since forgotten the name of it. I can not find it on google but the owner said it use to be an old dance hall. This place goes on forever and is two stories tall!

One of the first pieces we saw was this HUGE wardrobe! I thought of Courtney over at The French Country Cottage when I saw it. I know she would just love it.

Look at it's beautiful possibly hand painted design.

Another view of the piece. 

There were lots of old headboards just waiting to be purchased and transformed. 

This one had amazing detail work that would be sooo pretty painted cream, distressed and glazed. 

More headboards but that is not what caught my eye. The old post office mail box was really cool.  

I really loved this old columns but was not wanting to drop the $85 on them even though I have been wanting some for quite awhile.

Here is one of several corner hutchs waiting for some loving.

There were soo many vintage chandys.

This one was one of my faves. I love me some bling!

And last but not least was this lion statue. I can picture him sitting at my gate welcoming people in the back yard. WM  usually has some and I just might get one or two this year.
So there you have part one of our shopping adventure. Sorry the pics are not all that great. I was using my phone.
Hope your weekend is going well and thanx for stopping by!


  1. I wish I had a place like this nearby, Pamela! I'm on the lookout for a Queen size headboard but haven't found one yet. It looks like they had a lot of headboards to choose from. I'll keep checking the local thrift stores and hope!

  2. Wow beautiful things, I'm swooning.

  3. That first piece TOTALLY looks like Courtney! My parents were here this past week and my mom and I did lots of shopping together too. :-) Glad you had so much fun!

  4. Oh my gosh ~ it looks like you had fun~! the wardrobe is fabulous ;-)

  5. Great stuff. I love that old chandy, too. Glad you had fun with your mom.

  6. Oh.My.GOSH!!!!! LOVE it!! Oh... absolutely BEAUTIFUL Pamela!! The color, the paintings, the legs... oh... it's just gorgeous! You were right~ I LOVE IT!!! :) Hugs, Courtney


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