Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Bit More Fall

I have been working on this to share with y'all but it is taking quite a bit longer seeing as I am a fly by the seat of my pants can't read a pattern to save my life kinda gal. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look so it has taken some ingenious sewing on my part to achieve the look but I think I have arrived at a final process and hope to be able to share the final result by the end of the week. Till then I thought I would share some more of my fall lovelies with y'all. Enjoy!:)

I am pretty much keeping it simple this year. 

More simplicity.

These sit on the ledge into the kitchen. All I did was add a candle ring to the bottom of the lamp to add instant fall charm.

This is the top of our t.v. armoire. I usually keep it shut when not in use but since I added the cute autumn sign I have been able to scale back on my OCD issues and leave it open.

This is our landing on the way to upstairs. Sorry the lighting is so terrible! Again if I would just read the directions for my camera which I have owned a year almost I could probably figure out how to solve this lighting dilemma but I digress. 

This is one of my fave spots to decorate and the only place that I am adding true Halloween decor. I am not big on official Halloween but for my boys I needed to add a few touches. I think I need some spider webs and a spider or two and maybe an owl to sit on the lantern.

Until then this will have to do. The boys love it!

Before I go look  what I won!! I am sooo truly excited! I won this beautiful sign last week from Paula over at Castle and Cottage! I have two spots in mind for it but need to finish up a few things before I decide. Thanx again Paula for such a wonderful give away! Head on over to her blog! She has an Etsy shop full of lovelies! And on another WhooHoo Stephanie Lynn over at Under The Table And Dreaming featured my fall mantel post! So exciting! Thanx Stephanie Lynn! 

P.s. Joining in on the fun over at Cottage & Vine for Falling Up! Come on over and join in if ya can! Also joining in on Fall Open House over at Hooked On Houses!


  1. Beautiful decor! I love how you are decorating everything! Congrats on the sign, I love it!!

  2. Pamela, all your decor looks fabulous!! Love it and your home. I can't wait to see the window treatment up. It looks so pretty even as is.

  3. Love your fall decor Pam! Thanks so much, I'm so happy you love your sign:)
    Your sewing project looks awesome, can't wait to see it finished:)

  4. Pamela, it all looks so gorgeous and I cannot wait to see how those window treatments turn out! I am totally a sewing by the seat of my pants kinda gal too which can be good and bad! I know it will be beautiful though!

  5. Your Fall touches look great Pamela. I am a fellow OCD girl, so I can relate! How great that you won that sign and I can't wait to see what you do with that gorgeous fabric!

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  7. You have done some really fun things around your home. I'll bet your boys do enjoy the Halloween decorations - especially that little corner filled with frames, too cute.

    Thanks so much for joining the "falling up" party.

  8. Love the fabrics in the first picture and can't wait to see it all done. Your fall decor is lovely. I'm not one for a lot of things out on all the surfaces and yours is just perfectly restrained. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  9. Nice, Pamela! Sometimes simple says more than, well, more decor does! I love it. I do the same really. My all out decorating comes at Christmas! Even with my birthday being Halloween, I am pretty tme with that decor, too. I keep most of that by the front door anyway since that's where we {and the trick or treaters} really are.

    Those drapes are looking good from what I can see!

  10. Everything looks really lovely! That landing with the window is so charming the way you decorated it. Thanks for linking up to my party today and playing along. Happy Fall! :-)

  11. Love your home and I love that sign. What a great win for you.

  12. Love your decorations. The witch sign is so cute.
    Can't wait to see what the final project looks like.

  13. You are making me laugh! My "keeping it simple" for fall is in 2 places not counting the front door! TWO!
    Seriously, your house looks great! Perfect details for Fall! Can't wait to see the new curtain!

  14. I love your fall decor...your home looks just beautiful! I loved each photo as I went along but I have to admit I just LOVE the frames with the witch's hat and witch sign. I am not real big into Halloween decor but I really loved that!
    I am anxious to go check out more of your blog.
    And thank you for stopping by earlier to check out my fall mantel :)

  15. Love all your fall touches and your home is beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment.

    Have a wonderful day.


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