Saturday, October 2, 2010

High Hopes

High hopes, yep that is what I had. I had hoped to be able to show y'all  our  dining room all decked out for fall and with the newly revamped curtains just in time for Show Us Where You Live Friday over at Kelly's Korner. That so did not happen. After being sick for over a week I fell  behind on things. I have been trying to catch up on my orders as well as getting some of my many many projects around the house further along. 

With that being said here is my reality right now. So sad I know. Pretend you do not see that curtain treatment in the corner back there. That is for another post hopefully next week sometime. 

Lets rewind a bit shall we. This is what our dining room looked like when we moved in last year.

This is what our dining room looked like about two weeks ago before I decided to bust out the fall decor and try to figure out the curtains.

Before shot looking in from the hallway from our kitchen. 

A few weeks ago. I was trying to figure out how I wanted to hang our curtains and well I did not like how it turned out so much.

This is what they will be hanging from now. I just purchased some regular length rods at HobLob which which the gal gave me at half off because she considered them wall decor. The Papa chopped um down for me while he was out here last month. So much better I think.
Thanx for stopping by for a visit! I hope to have the dining room back to normal next week and decorated as well as having the newly revamped curtains both up so stop back by if ya get a chance! If ya want to check out my post on the complete dining room redo click here

P.s Hello new bloggy friends! I am thrilled you have decided to follow along!


  1. Pamela, the room is drop dead gorgeous girlfriend. Honey, you did gooooooooddddd!!!!!

  2. Your dining room is beautiful. I has fantastic bones, and I love your decor. Can't wait to see it all finished. Hugs, Marty

  3. WOW! Beautiful dining room. I love all the special touches.. mine is missing that! I'm trying to figure out what to add. Great job.. love the bench too!

  4. Ok...had to leave a comment here too even though I just left one above! :-) I absolutely love your dining room and totally want to do wainscotting in mine! It looks just beautiful and I totally love that you posted it mid-project because I am feeling fairly blah today and not wanting to finish what I need to finish to show the room I want to show on Monday! Nice to know we're in it together! :-)

  5. Love the bench pushed up to the table. I am a cheater! I throw stuff out of the picture. My house really isn't as clean as it seems on the blog!

  6. Thanks for the visit! I love your dining room, especially your use of a bench at the table.

  7. It looks like your cat loves the window view as much as I do.
    Great space.

  8. Your dining room looks beautiful!


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