Saturday, October 2, 2010

Outdoor Living

 I was just thinking that I have quite a few pals that have been with me for sometime now and that they have already seen our dining room on several occasions. I know yawn. Thus seeing as I worked on some sewing and then came outside to freshen things up after a trip to Lowes I thought that I would share our patio transformation to keep my long time bloggy pals from being bored.

This is the view of the back of our home when we purchased it last summer. That lil' porch was just not going to do. The first thing we did after we moved in was extend the patio. 

 We loved it! This is a pic taken back in January. 
It was our most expensive purchase after we moved in but well worth it in our book.
This was our patio set that I was in the process of revamping.
Here it is after a fresh coat ...okay several fresh coats...of oil rubbed bronze. You may be wondering why it is sitting over here in the grass. Well it was waiting for it's new owner to come and pick it up. I ended up selling it on the local yard sale site. Why you may be wondering??

Because a few months back we wondered thru the garden section at WM and found this set at 65% off! It was love at first site! I also fell in love with that solar lantern there that we purchased at Costco. I loved it so much we bought two!;)

The glass is just divine.

I love how bright it shines at night. I had my doubts and almost put them back till a lady in line next to us was reading my mind and knew my doubt. She said that she had some and that they were just wonderful and bright. 
This is our patio today after I freshened things up a bit. I was able to purchase the umbrella with the money from our old patio set with some extra left over. I love it when things work out that way!;)

This was the view from the breakfast room door back in January. 

This is the view today! I found this rug today at Lowes.  It was outside on clearance for $30 and is an inside rug. The gal out there guarding all the sidewalk sale items saw me eyeing it and said if I wanted it I could have it for $20. SOLD! I had no idea what I would do with it. Thought maybe I would use it in the living room but it was too large of a print for in there. The Hubster said to use to in the movie room but I said it was too feminine. I then decided that it would look lovely back here even though it is an inside only rug since it cost just $20. It is amazing what just a little punch of color can do. Now I can just change out the rugs whenever I want!

Pic from January after my first dumpster dive! You can read abt that here!;)

The view today!
 I finally hung up our lantern. I can not wait to see what it looks like this evening. Where I have it hanging you can see it all the way at the front door when coming in the house. All we need now is a fan. I know if I wait long enough I will score a great deal. It is all about being patient and not settling. Patience being the key word!;)
This is the view from our love seat. Pure bliss! Well it will be once we tackle some landscaping. Still looking for that money tree.

What were the boys doing while I was freshening up and taken pics? They were making a movie with my phone!:)
Hope you enjoyed the tour and feel free to come by and chill on the back porch with us anytime! When I started my blog we had an absolute wonderful front porch with a lil' bistro set and everything thus the name of my blog. I just loved it and missed it terribly. Now I am in love with our back porch but no worries my name will stay the same. One day I hope we are lucky enough to have a front and back porch to enjoy life on.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! It is just lovely here!


  1. Hi Pamela! I always love when a new post from you pops up! Your back patio is absolutely GORGEOUS! I covet patios and I'm always so jealous of folks who have them (we have a deck...not my favorite!). You guys did a great job making it look welcoming and warm!

  2. Pamela, your home is simply gorgeous. I was going to use all caps but Vanessa beat me to it, lol. I love everything you've done, all your patio furniture and the size of your yard. I bet your boys love all the play area. Like Vanessa, we also have a deck, very common here in Oregon and I love the clean look and feel of nice concrete.

    Hugs, Marla

  3. forgot - I love the larger photos!!

  4. You are TOO TOO funny Marla!!:)

  5. It looks wonderful! I love all of the things you have done. I think that $20 rug is my favorite!

  6. Your patio is wonderful. We enlarged ours too, you just can't really enjoy those tiny ones the builders do. Your furniture looks beautiful and the new rug is wonderful. Love those lanterns, what a great find. Hugs, Marty

  7. You've created a wonderful outdoor living area! And, I look forward to seeing your "miss Daisy". =)

  8. What a nice back patio! When you find that money tree let me know! And see if a little landscaper guy comes with the tree! I could use one of those too!

  9. Your patio is beautiful! I love the new rug! What a great place to unwind and have a little fire at night!

  10. What a cute patio!! Perfect for a weekend breakfast in October.

  11. Your house is just lovely, and the patio is really nice. I love the new patio furniture that you bought. The lantern is just as pretty as it can be. You did a good job of cordinating your patio.

  12. Your house is just lovely, and the patio is really nice. I love the new patio furniture that you bought. The lantern is just as pretty as it can be. You did a good job of cordinating your patio.

  13. looks great..way to rock out that backyard. We are in Texas too and will be fussing with a new back yard soon. I'll have to share as I go. TFS

  14. What a nice backyard and patio. I love it and wished our back was looking nice. Our backyard will need to be torn up and redone next year I hope. Love your patio furniture and lanterns and that rug was the finishing perfect piece and what a steal!!
    I will have a tutorial up soon about the door.

  15. This is fabulous! I love all of your finds- the patio set and the gorgeous rug. I love a good deal and they both really add to your back area- and all of that space. I love all of the room you have, we are also looking to expand our back patio.

    Thank you for stopping by Yoga Gal and commenting- I really appreciate it!


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