Friday, August 13, 2010


Oldest has been under the weather this week. He has some mystery disease I guess. We have been to the doctors three times. Once on Monday because he was complaining that his ears hurt. Nothing wrong with them. Then Tuesday afternoon he broke out into a rash, said his lips were burning and his eyes. Sounds like an allergic reaction to what we have no idea because NOTHING had changed but I started him on Benydryl anyways. Wed his face was very puffy and red rash still present and he would complain that his back hurt and he was feeling prickly. During this entire time he acted and still acts normal. He eats, sleeps, plays, and well you know the rest. Nothing has changed other than he looked bad and had episodes of prickling.

Thursday morning he woke and looked normal again to only two hours later start all up again while we were out buying his school supply pack. Great. So yesterday afternoon we went to the doc. We would have gone sooner but they were booked solid. It is back to school time. Anyways, doc thought maybe strep. Sounded like strep even though no fever or lack of anything. Does have a swollen lymph node behind his ear. Oldest still acting normal. Throat culture came back negative. He said to keep Oldest on Benydryl.

Oldest woke this morning and was 100% fine other than a little rashy. We went out to pick up his student packet at the new school which btw is awesome even if there is no play ground yet but I digress. On the way back to the car we had to stop because his entire body was prickling and hurt. It stopped and so we went on to Target. Had a bite for lunch and was walking around and he had two episodes while we were there. I started to think maybe he was bitten by something and that the poison was slowly taking over his nervous system or something like that because again I have been known to think the worse. Came home and found a small blister on his thigh. Called the doc and they were full of course so we ran up to the ER on the corner. It is not in a hospital but in a shopping strip but still certified as an ER. Anyways, they looked and said no no bite but no idea what was wrong with Oldest. They gave him some Prednizone which I was not crazy abt and some Benydryl and sent us on our way.
URGH, I just want to know what is wrong with my kid but apparently that is too much to ask!!

That has been my life this week. The best thing though out of all of this is my kid! He is truly the best and I love him soo much! Last night he went to bed at 8 well because he was not answering to our requests in the most appropriate manner even after being told how to have respect. He was very restless and tossed and turned up till abt midnight. He woke and said he leg hurt which is nothing new cause he gets growing pains something awful. Anyways, I let him get up and take some medicine and then he laid on the couch and watched House Hunters with me. I was hoping he would get tired and fall back to sleep. Nope. That was fine though cause we had a ball. He would comment on each of the houses and we would vote on which one they would pick. Then out of the blue he was lying there and said "I wish cats wore underwear!". It was the funniest thing ever and we could not stop laughing.

The next episode they were in Destin which is near where we love to vacation and we started talking abt how one day we hope to have a condo there and that I hoped that him and Littliest would bring their families to vacation with us. He said that would be great but said if his kids did not listen they would not be allowed to come. Wonder where he got that from!?Ha! Then he said he would love to go to the beach because then him and Littliest along with The Hubster and Papa could all go to the bar and have a beer while the ladies stay behind with the kids. I have NO idea where he got that from. Yes a beer is had while at the beach but only at dinner every now and then. In no way has The Hubster nor Papa ever been bar hopping. At least not that I know of!HA! I just thought he was just sooo funny and I was so thankful to have had that special time with him even if it was after midnight and he should have been in bed fast asleep.

Hope your week has been going more smoothly than ours and that you have also enjoyed some special moments with family and friends!

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  1. I'm so sorry! It is frustrating and heart-wrenching when our kids aren't feeling well and we don't know quite how to help other than give them extra lovin'. I'll pray you have some answers soon to his reactions and that his little body heals right up!


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