Monday, August 9, 2010

Working on....

Nope not a redo project or hanging curtains or anything like that. A wonderful give away that is what I am working on!:) Can you guess what it might entail? Stay tuned for more details coming soon! Oh and if anybody does buttons and would like to trade a button for say a bib or a key fob or something let me know. I sooooo would LOVE a button but I am sooooo computer challenged it ain't' funny ya'll! Ha!
Hope your week is starting off on a good note. Taking Oldest in for possible ear infection and Littliest in for some mystery skin disease that he use to have one his foot but magically cleared up after 6 months just like the doc said it would and has been gone for four months but now is back in two places on his leg. At least that is what I am thinking it is and sooo not looking forward to 6 months of this no baths thinking he may have some type of flesh eating bacteria that will one day take over his entire body. Yes, that is truly the way I think and yes I have been known on more than several occasions to think the worse instead of finding the silver lining. The Hubster says I am a "my glass is half empty and soon I will run out and the world will end because there is nothing else for us to drink and we will thirst to death" kinda gal. I don't think that to be true but he does.
Have a good one ya'll!


  1. Oh my gosh! Is it something to do with Paula Deen!??!!!

    Can't wait to find out!!

    And going to your neck of the woods is central for my Cowboy's fam to meet up. We were there for my b-day. I need to go to Chuy's haven't been there in awhile.

  2. Hi, Again! I can so relate to the button dilemma! I still need to make one! I can do all sorts of DIY projects yet I'm stumped over the whole little bitty button thing!!!
    Hang in there, Hope your boys are all better soon!

  3. Can't wait to see what it is your working on! Good luck with the button- it took me forever to make mine so I feel your pain.

  4. I have NO inkling how to even make one. I do know if I have a pic and go to the design area of blogger I can download a pic and then add a link to it so I guess that is something.


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