Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thankful Tuesday & A Reveal

Edited Note on 10/16/10- I did not have a chance to do a entirely new post about our office but I wanted to join in on the fun over at Kelly's for Show Us Where You Live. This week everybody is sharing their home office spaces! Here is ours. It is still a work in progress but coming along nicely I think. Enjoy and please be sure to hop on over to Kelly's for more lovely spaces!

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Hey ya'll! Thanx for all of the well wishes for Oldest!! Though he is not 100% yet and will probably not be for awhile he is doing much much better!! We were able to get a full nights rest and he was happy that we got to get out of the house today as was I. All of those things we are very very thankful for! We know your prayers are working! We are also thankful for the impending new school year. We found out today which 1 st grade class Oldest will be in and even though as far as we know none of his friends are in his class I am sure he will have a great year! The new school is just awesome.

Since Oldest has been on the upward I was able to finish up a few things in the office finally which I am very thankful for. Though it still needs sprucing and some touches here and there I am still very pleased with it!

This was the office back in February. It was pretty much just a catch all for the Christmas decor that needed sorting and the boxes we had yet to unpack since the move.

Here it is today! Come on in won't you?!:)

I am just thrilled how well the book cases turned out. They truly almost met a fate of sitting at the curb side. I was soo frustrated with them but determination prevailed and they turned out great I think. Now I am on the hunt for some fabulous knick knacks to fill those shelves. I am so bad abt figuring those out though so I am sure it will be awhile till I have them all filled up. I am also still loving the suede paint on the feature wall. You can read all about it here.

Here is a look at what the cases looked like before the redo. They are made of particle board and the previous owners had attempted to paint them black without putting primer on them first. This picture actually makes them look 100 X better than they actually were. The black was actually a gray black. The paint was peeling and glopped on. They were truly just a mess but for $50 I had faith I could work with them. Next time I know to just start from scratch or buy new says The Hubster! Ha!

Here I tried to get a pic of everything and at the same time tried to show how high the ceiling is in here. I love my curtains I had found at Tuesday Morning. They were just $9.99 a panel. I think I am going to add trim to the inside edge of them though. I stole the F from another place in the house. I think it added a much needed dimension to the wall.

I was trying to get the rug in a pic here. It is truly one of my faves as well.

This is the not so nice wall but now that the book cases are in place The Hubster can start unpacking all of his crapolla. Ha!:)

The book cases were a pain because I was simply just hard headed and instead of stripping the bad paint job the previous owners did I just painted over it. I figured I could not make um any worse. I lucked up and found a brown Opps paint that cost all of $5 at Lowes and got to work. I was not happy with the end result so I added a glaze of a deeper brown on top. Then I thought they would make the office too dark so I painted the back of the cases Whole Wheat and then added the brown glaze. To make them more custom I purchased those little scrolly iron headers at HobLob.

Next we purchased some trim at Lowes which was the most expensive thing abt the darn book cases and added it to the edge of the shelving. I think it really adds to the custom feel so $16 well spent. It makes me forget they are actually just particle board. Ha!

This was a little splurge as well at $68 but after seeing it at The Hanger Hotel earlier in the year The Hubster and I agreed we needed one for the office. I did use a gift card for it so really we only paid abt $20 for it. I added the Harlequin wrapping paper to the bottom shelving...yeah I said wrapping paper. The bottom level is just awful with bubbled up spots and all. All I could think of was to place this Harlequin pattern on it. At first I attempted to decoupage it but that was a frustrating no go. Three attempts later I just busted out the glue gun and tada. The Hubster says we may get some plexi glass cut to put over top of it to keep it from ripping up. Who knows.

I love my lil' Fleur De Leis tie backs that I found at HobLob a few months ago. I was not sure where I was going to use them and then it dawned on me how perfect they would be in here. Actually a lot of things just ended up in here as the office evolved.

Last but not least I hung The Hubsters antique putter above the doors. The ceiling is so high that I will probably add something else above it eventually but for now it will do. And see that empty frame on the wall over the bench in the foyer? Yep, that is where I stole the F from! Now I am brainstorming on what to replace it with. So there ya have it. Our new french country inspired office make over for less than $240!! That's right that is all we spent on it. The decor was mostly items I had around the house already or had purchased and put away not knowing where I was going to use them. Even with that said total we spent maybe $300 if that. The "desk" was free so the most expensive thing in there was the rug from Costco and it only cost $70! Budget decorating gives me such a high! Good thing there is not an intervention for it! Ha!

Oh, and not that this has anything to do with the office but I just had to throw it in here too! It makes me HomeGoods happy which is where I found it!
Thanx for stopping by and thanx again for all your prayers and well wishes for Oldest! We are very thankful for them! Have a great week ya'll!

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  1. Pamela it is a gorgeous office with this beautiful paint color! You really created a perfect room for work. Love the drapes and the way you reworked the paint on the bookcases. The touch of iron scroll on them is very nice as well. Love it all and your home is HUGE!

    Wonderful job! ~Melissa :)

  2. Pamela!!!! It looks FABULOUS!!! I cannot BELIEVE how good those bookshelves look! All your hard work definitely paid off. :) The curtains are perfect -- as are all of the little details you added. What a beautiful room!

  3. Wow! Oh, I love it!
    Everything really came out nice!
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow, You've been busy! The room looks great! You did an amazing job!
    So glad your son is on the mend!

  5. Oh it looks so warm and inviting! Most offices are kinda cold and well...office-y. But yours looks gorgeous! Great job!

  6. Now that is an office I could get something done in. Or maybe I would just sit and look around. Ha
    The bookcases look great. Love it all.

  7. I'm in love!!!! I love every thing about it! Thank you so much for your sweet comments too!!! I'm your newest follower too!


  8. LOVE your office...that suede paint is FAB too!

  9. What a wonderful office! I love the details: the "F", old phone and your book cases!

    Great job!!

  10. It looks great.

    I used an old post for mine too.

  11. How nice! I love the wall paint and the bookshelves.

  12. You have some amazing decorative items. My favorites are the old phone, curtains and the "F".

  13. Love the french flavor you gave to your office. Very inspiring!!

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