Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am addicted to checking out our local yard sale site and Craigs List. I always like to browse and see what I would buy if I could buy and how much people think they can actually get for their stuff. Sometimes I just want to respond to them with "Really??". I do not though cause I am a nice person and all and I am sure people do the same to me! Ha! We place such a high sentimental value on our things and sometimes it is hard to let them go. I try to keep that in mind when pricing my items.
Before we moved to Baton Rouge I had my first ever yard sale and went hog wild on selling stuff off. I made a ton of money...$700... and really enjoyed myself. Probably because it brought back fond memories of my retail days. Yes, I actually loved working with customers...most of the time. Anyways, even though I enjoy the high of selling and making some extra cash to buy things I sometimes regret making such hasty decisions.

This set I try not to think about. We purchased it when I was just two months prego with Oldest. We had no idea what we were having but I just KNEW we were having a boy. I LOVED this set. We used it for the first year of Littliest as well but then I got bored of it and felt bad that he was getting all the hand me downs. I went out and purchased him a new set which now I am TRYING to sell and nobody seems to be biting. If ya know anybody who wants a like NEW Cocalo Alphabet Soup crib bedding set with accesoires let me know. It was used all of 6 months if that. Anyways, I digress, from time to time I still sorda wish I had this set. It makes me feel comforted to know though that it was purchased by a young couple who were having their first baby!

This trey I had for 5 years and never did a darn thing with it. Now I have several places I could be using it.

These are my biggest and most regrettable sell off. Can you believe I was actually crazy enough to sell these!!?? They were from Pottery Barn and we actually used them with our door head board that The Hubster and I made that is now in the guest room. I soooooo wish I had these back but at the time we were in the midst of our Baton Rouge move and had no where to store them. I still day dream about what could have been! I have learned my lesson though and now I think twice about what I sell.
Have you ever sold anything and later on regretted it!!??


  1. yikes.. I can see why you regret selling those tables..
    I once sold a car because I couldnt keep up 2 and I cried for weeks and wanted it back, so I understand:)


  2. Yes, but little things that had no real meaning ~ I just liked them. Last summer when we were putting our house on the market, I sold and gave away a few decorative accessories. I wanted to not only simplify my life but simplify my packing. Now I find myself looking for things that I think I packed up, but in reality, I think they are gone for good.

  3. When we moved from to our current home I sold alot of things I wish I still had today. Just the other day I was trying to find a lamp in the storage room and couldn't find it...Tony told me I sold it last year! Can't believe I did that!

  4. I thought you had bought the tables until I read all of your post... I'd be bummed too if I'd sold those!
    Happy Sunday.

  5. I just sold some stuff on KYS. It was an interesting experience.

    No regrets. I love to purge. And buy new stuff.

  6. I once sold some really old discontinued Home Interior in a yard sale I had...that would be my biggest selling regret...I can think of all kinds of things I could do with those pieces today...*smacks self*

  7. what accessories do you have for thr alphabet soup? =)


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