Monday, June 28, 2010

Hanging On By A Thread

It is Monday. How do I know that for sure other than of course looking at the calendar you may be asking!? There is nothing like having your kid come into your room at 4 a.m. after you stayed up till 2 am working on orders to have him toss , turn, get out of bed and then barely fall asleep as well as you and then have him five min later barf on your back. Yep that's right TMI here today but that has been my day all day. We are in hour number three of no barfing so that is good but I feel we are not in the clear. I am praying and knocking on wood nobody else gets sick. He has no fever just barf.
We had a great weekend. It was pleasant and all was well. Last night I piddled around in the yard even though it was 97 out and in return had to take my second shower of the day I enjoyed it.

See this guy peeking in the living room window? I think he is a cutie though I know some out there cringe just looking at him. His entire family and extended family seem to be living on our back porch. Maybe they are the reason why the mosquitoes have not been bad yet this year. The cats go INSANE with these little fellas. They spend most of their days running back and fourth trying to get at um. It is pretty funny.

Anyways, I put a lil' flag in the wreath on the front door. Thanx Joy for the suggestion!

Remember how I wanted to bring one of these home in my purse from the beach?

Well I found a miniature version at WalMart a few night ago. They were originally $15 but marked half off for some reason. They were still full price at another WM yesterday so who knows. I am thinking with some miracle grow and love they will get a little bigger. I just love um. I put lil' flags in um and then a solar ball in the middle.

Here is what they look like hanging. I also finally put out my rusty yard decor from Baton Rouge. We are not suppose to have um out but I will just chance it and see if HOA says anything.

I also put my crane out. Ignore the sad looking flowers. They were left overs and actually are getting ready to be replaced with Vincas which is funny cause some how some way there is one Vinca popping up in that bed. No idea where it came from. It is over there by the front of the rocks. This little area needs some work so I can conceal the meter. The jasmine is growing nicely though. I think I may actually get another trellis and plant one next to it so it looks fuller.

I have these iron scrolly things on the shutters which I just love. I did this at our Baton Rouge house as well. Found um at HobLob half off.
So thanx for killing some time with me today! I am sooo trying to stay awake even as I type this. Have a good one ya'll!


  1. Oh no, hope the little sick one feels better soon and you get NO MORE VOMITS!!! Hang in there mama!

  2. Is he all better now?? Fingers crossed!

    The flowers look GREAT! Why can't I ever find stuff like that at Walmart? And LOVE the scrolly things on the shutters! Perfection!

  3. Hope the barfarama is over for you the flowers...found the same deal on Ivy geraniums last week! Love those kinds of deals!

  4. Oh man! What a night and early morn. I hope everyone gets better soon.

    Love the new outdoor touches. Lookin' good.

  5. Hi Pamela.. Love your garden ornaments... greta deal on the Walmart basket! The little green guy is so cool, we have little green tree frogs that love to sit on the window sills at night:-)
    Hope the barforama is over:-)

  6. Thanx All! After a good nights rest all seems well! Keeping fingers crossed nobody else gets whatever it was.

  7. I had to get rid of my cute iron stuff out front. It was supposed to be only 18 inches off the ground or less.

    Damn HOA.

  8. Hope the 'sick bug' is gone from your house!!! HOA's are tricky...we have a neighbor with a garden that should be bulldozed (they have huge rocks, cactus plants, and huge stumps in the garden--not allowed in our hood) but nothing has been done! Yours looks nice!

  9. Your house is absolutley beautiful!!! I love how much curb appeal it has!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Btw, I totally want to buy those two Pottery Barn night stands from you. I love Craigslist and have been looking for those exact ones for sooooo long. Why can't you live closer to me??

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, and hope the fam is rid of the 'sicky' bug for good!!!



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