Monday, June 21, 2010

Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie FarmHouse

Hey ya'll! Great news this Monday morn! Bug guy came and said he probably chased them ants over to our yard last week when he did the neighbors house so he sprayed the entire yard! Thank the Lord! I finally got a hold of the AC people and another hallelujah they will be covering all costs for the repair! So this evening all we have to do is drop poor Ruby...The Hubsters truck, I named the dealership and hopefully she will be ready for pickup tomorrow evening.
In other good news I was blog surfing my faves this morning and went to Aunt Ruthie's. Have ya been there???? If not you soo have to go! Her button is on my sidebar. I just love her blog. She has a sink in her half bath that is just too darn stinking cute! I will have to find a pic of it. And her vintage pictures are just lovely! Anyways, she just released ....a few weeks back, I am slow at heading over....her new E-Book Watermelon & Fireflies. It is full of wonderful summertime ideas and recipes. To celebrate she is having a give away! Head on over and see all the goodies! You will not want to miss out on this one! She is also offering up a 25% discount on her E-Book till the 30th so head on over! I know you will not be disappointed!


  1. Great news for the AC. So happy for you that they are honoring the warranty. Which they should.

    Glad the ants are getting taken care of too.


  2. PAMELA - that's GREAT NEWS!!! What did I tell ya?! :) So happy for you all...except for the ants who are no longer welcome at your beautiful house. :) Fingers crossed Tuesday is great, too!!!

  3. OMG...Thank goodness you have AC & I'll tell you, there is almost nothing worse then an ant infestation! {maybe aROACH infestation, yuck!}
    Have a wonderful week...

  4. My uncle lives in Texas and has problems with ants too. Yuk, I might just keep the mosquitoes we have here :-)


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