Monday, November 2, 2009

A Hitch Hiker and Cabinet Doors

Happy Monday ya'll! It has been a busy one. Oldest has some kind of funk. Not thinking it is H1N1 or anything. No fever and no aches or pains other than a snot nose which is normal for us and he tells me his head hurts. We are a 4 hr schedule of Tylenol for that. For those four hours he is fine and dandy. He missed his first day of school and may miss another tomorrow. We will just have to wait and see.
On the way to pick up Littliest today from school I was startled when something jumped up out of the hood of the car onto the windshield. To my surprise we had a little hitch hiker so I had to pull over and catch him. I almost drove back to the house with him on there so he could be with his fam but I would have been late. I figured that me stopping and catching him so he would not get fried in the hood or smooshed after jumping off was more than most. He is now hopefully happy in the tree around the corner from here unless of course he somehow finds his way back. I have no idea how smart those suckers are.

Here he is trying to blend into the wiper. Took abt 5 minutes to catch him.

Here is a side by side of the laundry room cabinets. The right side is the after and the left side the before. Not great pics but my camera is acting up something terrible. This pic is actually terrible. The one cabinet looks awful because it is soo fuzzy looking. They look much nicer in person. Not a big change but enough to make a difference to me. I am on the hunt for some black and white Harlequin wall paper for the insides of the cabinets. Or I may do a toile seeing as I want to make the top of my future folding table Harlequin.

Here is the finished product. See that one door does not look anything like it does in the above pic. I did a little too much distressing in some areas but that's the nature of the beast with doing that type of thing. Just makes each door unique. I am trying to hunt down a new lamp for in here. Which brings me to yesterday. I purchased what I thought would be the perfect lamp at Target with a pretty Burgundy shade and some bling. Wasn't bright enough and while I was trying to plug my other one back in I got the bejesus shocked out of me! There was a pop and the lights flickered. Oldest asked me what was wrong with the lights. I said to go and get dad. I was fine but my middle finger tingled all night long.
Well that is all I have for today. Off to take a bath while the kiddos watch Kung Fu Panda with The Hubster.


  1. So glad your son doesn't have the H1N1. It's going around in our neighborhood and our local schools and it's a terrible flu. Terrible.

    You don't have to buy expensive paper to line your walls inside your cabinet. Use fabric. Cheap and easy. Just take the fabric, cut it and cover cardboard to fit the back shelves. Tape like a gift and insert cardboard back into cabinet. Looks awesome and there are so many fabric choices out there. Maybe I'm misunderstanding and you want shelf paper....LOL.

    Your laundry looks awesome. Hubby is painting mine (Svelte since it adjoins my kitchen) on Thurs and Friday. I've been bugging him for months and he hates my painting. Yeah! My kitchen is black/white accents so I'll wrap that back into the laundry as well.

    I think you are my long lost decorating daughter. Hugs, MOM

  2. What a great idea Marla just gave you! (And me, should we ever get out of the Army and get our OWN house!) The cabinets look beautiful, but I'm so sorry about your finger and your son being sick. Never a dull moment, right? Hope you have a better day tomorrow and that all of you are well! :)


    P.S. How sweet of you to save your hitch hiker! :)

  3. Hehehe! That is very true!! I don't know why I am stuck on the wall paper. I could even just use scrap book paper for that matter seeing as nobody but me goes into those dang things anyways!;) As matter of fact The Hubster keeps asking me why I am going to so much trouble in the laundry room of all rooms. I said notice the dirty clothes piled on the floor or even the mountain of clean ones? He said no and I said get the point!?:)It inspires me to actually be in there.
    Love chatting with ya!:) Its funny how the world of blogging makes the world seem smaller!:)

  4. Hey girl! Glad to hear you all are well but just busy! And yes Marla has some great ideas! Hope you are still enjoying your new bedroom set!

  5. I have two hutches, that I wrapped fabric around cardboard and placed in the much easier than wallpaper and you can change it out if you get tired of it! Your laundry room is going to be wonderful!


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