Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Favorite Things List

Girly Stuff is doing it Oprah Style and hosting a Fave Things Party! So think of 10 things you just love and head on over to Girly Stuff and link up to the party ya'll! I can not wait to see what everybody lists! Here is my list in no particular order.

1. I LOVE flip flops. You will find me ANYTIME of year, hence picture and please ignore the fact that I needed a pedi something terrible. I really can not stand any other type of shoe. I even wore flops for our wedding! You will never catch me in heels.

Now I do not own a pair of these Yellow Box Madeline Flops but I am so getting a pair! They even come in zebra and I just adore them. Only problem is I can not bring myself to spend $40 on flops. One day soon I will though! Any body need any bibs? HA!

2. Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Spice candle. Well really Bath & Body pumpkin spice anything. I just love this sent and have already busted out the candles and bath wash since we have had some cooler weather here these past few days. It has only been around 80! Fall is on its way...hopefully.
3. Love this movie and not sure why. Maybe it is the bad southern accents. Ha!

4. My new fave snack that I always put in the freezer. Yum!
5. Lemon & Lime Body souffle that you can find at Bath & Body. I actually love all of the Lemon & Lime products by Bigalo. I only purchase them though when on sale. Right now they are 2 for $20!
6. Littermaid automatic kitty pooper scooper. Yes I said pooper scooper and if you have one cat or three cats I highly recommend this product! We have two furry children and let me tell ya you would never ever know! I DO NOT recommend the new versions only the original. We are on #3 of the original after 8 years. Our first one pooped out...HA!... after abt three years. Our second one was fried when a power surge went thru the house. We tried the newer version and it lasted all of two days. I could NOT stand it at all. It always clogged if it even worked at all. We have never had issues with the original.
7. Bath & Body Anti Bacterial Soaps! Love them! My boys love them! They do not call Bath & Body by Bath & Body but rather The Soap Store. We love when they are on sale and we stock up. I always let them pick one each and it makes washing hands occur much more often! Oldest fave is Apple.

8. Electrolux Stick Vac. Just purchased this over the weekend and so far LOVE it! Not so much the orange color but at least it is festive for fall. I did see it comes in brown after looking on the net for a pic. Oh well! We purchased it to use on the stairs and the kitchen floors as well as wood floors. It is awesome and has a detachable hand vac! Very powerful little vac. We have been using a Shark stick vac for years but it just is not as powerful and will not do stairs.

9. HomeGoods. I do not have a pic of this place but I am in love...addicted to this store! Now mind you not every HomeGoods is equal! My mom told me that and sure enough it is true but thankfully the one by the house is wonderful! If ya haven't been find ya one and stop in. You are sure to find a pretty or two.

So there ya have my faves! Again not in any particular order and NO Bath & Body Works is not paying me! We just love that store and its sales!
Have a good one ya'll!


  1. Hmmm. I can't decide what I want first. The souffle or the candle?

    Love your flip flops in snow!

    And my friend has the Madeline Flops, too cute! Just treat yourself already! If you wear them for the 3 summers you know you will wear them for then that is thirteen dollars a summer! See how I did that!

  2. Like your thinking Girly Stuff! I actually do wear them all year long so $40 really is not that bad when ya think abt it. I may go visit the Ace Hardware in Kingwood today and try um on!;)

  3. I need to go to a HOMEGOODs soon!!!

    Blessings to you

  4. I'd probably want to eat the lemon lime souffle and the pumpkin candle!

    LOVE the animal print flip flops! SO cute! They even have a little sparkle!

    I don't know if I've seen that movie. I'll have to watch it now for sure. I have the worst fake southern accent. Kinda sounds like a bad Britney Spears impression!!!

    Oh and on the Spaghetti Toss post: Sausage sounds so good, but we can't have it due to food allergies. Bummer!

  5. Love me some whips; I'll have to try 'em freezer style.


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