Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Duck Party

This morning I received and email from Ms. Beth our dear neighbor in Baton Rouge. She thought that the boys would enjoy seeing who stopped by for a visit. That is our old house in the background. I think the new owners just moved in last week. Which explains the sadness of the grass and beds. Hope they love the house as much as we did. I wish I had brought my water fountain with us though! It always would get clogged but it sure would have made a wonderful planter here at the new house.

The boys loved seeing the duck party! Everyday on the way to school we would pass a house that had a pond where ALL the ducks would hang out in the morning. The boys coined it as The Duck Party. They always asked why the ducks never partied by us! Thanx for sharing Ms.Beth!


  1. Thanx for stopping by! Come by anytime.

  2. Hey Pamela,
    I saw that you signed up to be a follower of my blog so I jumped on over to see funny to find that you are in Houston area! What part? I am in the Sugar Land area! And guess what else? We used to live in Baton Rouge! How coincidental! I love your baby bibs.....and I need to go check out your other site! Take care.



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