Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We made it!

Well today is day number two of kindergarten. The start was fine but the leaving was heartbreaking. Oldest has not cried at being left at school since he was 2. So of course since he started the water works I started the water works. Felt like a fool but then felt better when I saw another mommy out in the hallway just bawling her eyes out. Not better because she was just a bawling but better because I was not the only one.

Spent the morning hanging out with Littliest. We went to HobLob and then to Target because well as some of you may know they have Pizza Hut there and my boys figured that out sometime last week so now they think it is just awesome to go and have lunch at Target. Who knew! We have done it a total of twice now. For less than $6 I can feed two people with a personal pan pizza,bread sticks and a drink. Ya can't beat it for a nice treat that is as long as they are in the sharing kind of mood. After that we returned something at HomeGoods and then waited in line for Oldest.

The first words out of his mouth when he got in the mini were "Mom I had a great day and did you know that raccoons are nocturnal animals!?". It was a Noggin moment and just melted my heart. I knew he would have a great day but it was rough at first.

So here is to all those mommies who are starting on day # 2 as well! Cheers we made it! Now just two weeks till Littliest is at school and this mama gets some M E time! Have a good one ya'll!

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