Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Happy Hump Day ya'll! I can not believe it has been almost two weeks since kindergarten began! Thankfully Oldest is love love loving it! Littliest starts back next Thursday. I hope he loves it as well. This will be the first year the boys have not been in the same school. Littliest has separation anxiety so wish me luck!
We have been busy making a few changes to our new home. Last week I painted the coming soon. This weekend I will be starting on the living room and foyer as well as the dining room. What is killing me really though are the little things I want to change. There are quite a few and I know I must be patient. The first change other than paint though are our chandys! I am soo excited. The Hubster does not understand this desire but to me it will make a huge difference! If you have been following me you know awhile back I purchased this gold not so beautiful chandy from the local yard sale site for only $10 for the breakfast nook. I loved the lines and thought she has a french country feel. She has since been thru two transformations and after the first I was just not happy with her so I started hunting for bargain chandys on line.

I went to Ballard Designs because as we all know they are the place to shop for bargains...ha!.... and I saw this. Funny thing is is that I loved it and I realized why I loved it. It is the EXACT chandy I picked out for the builder to put in our breakfast room in Baton Rouge. Ha! Ours was $200 so if ya like it you can get it for I think $140 something.

This chandy was the actual chandy I was going to purchase for the breakfast room and for just $56! I thought it was a steal and if ya like it you can find it at Bellacor. The end result as of this minute...cause it could very well change the next...I am planning on using the not so beautiful gold chandy after all. I went out at 10:30 pm Monday night and sprayed her again with a different color and I think she works now for the breakfast room. We shall see. Papa will be in next week and I am sure she will make her grand debut. Pics to come!
This chandy is beautiful as well and a bit more blingy. I would so love to have it for in the dining room but with a $299 Pottery Barn price tag I must resist.

This is the winning chandy for the dining room. I have the dining room all planned out but that is another post altogether! HA! This chandy was only $86 with no tax or shipping over at Bellacor. A great bargain in my book!
Another Pottery Barn love and I must say even with a $349 price tag I think this one will be coming home to mama soon. I want to put it in our two story foyer. I think it will look divine! Even The Hubster is on board so we shall see. ;) If anybody has seen something similar let me know. I must have it but a lower price tag would be stupendous!

Thanx for joining me for my chandy love! I wish I knew how to use Mr Linky...can't figure it out to save my we could have a chandy party! I would love to see your faves or what is in your home!

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  1. I am kicking myself for throwing away a chandy like that. In the trash! I laughed when some guy pulled up and snagged it off my curb.

    It was brass and ugly. That was before I knew you could spray paint anything beautiful.


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