Monday, July 6, 2009

We're Moving!

Hey ya all! Just wanted to do a quick post before the madness kicks into high gear around here. Well it is finally here moving week! God has blessed us sooo much over the past month and we truly thank him for that!! Just last week we sold our home here in Cajun Country which we were truly worried abt with the economy the  way that it is. After just three weeks our nest has a new owner to love and take care of her. That is what we were truly worried abt. We hated the thought of our nest just sitting here with nobody to love her. 
Tomorrow the packers come for two days and then hopefully we will be loaded and out of here by late Thursday evening to the land where everything is bigger! One last drive to make and we can not wait. This past weekend we spent at the new nest and even though enjoyed being there minimalism and all we dreaded the drive back here. Four hours does not seem a lot until you have driven it at least four times in the past four weeks. We are sooo over it.
Well hope everybody had a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!  I will check back in if I can. Have a great week! 


  1. Good Luck and Best Wishes with your moving.

    Pamela in NE OH


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