Sunday, July 12, 2009

Calgon Take Me Away

Well it is day number two here. Just checking in so I do not completely go insane. I am trying to get as much of the house unpacked and good to go before the in laws leave Monday morning. We are soo truly blessed to have them here being so willing to help out. We would not be able to do it without them! The boys have enjoyed having them here as well. I have3 the kitchen 100% done except for some minor decorations that need to go up and the making of the curtains. I am tyring to hold off on hanging stuff in there till I pick a paint color. Last night I stayed up till 2am doing the boys room so they could have some normalcy return to their lives. Today was a little slow going though since i had only abt 2 hrs sleep. I had to run to the grocery store and then later Nana and I worked on almost completing my sewing room which is a little of a challenge since my closet is half the size.
Tomorrow we are focusing on all the stuff we want Papa to do like placing knobs on the cabinets in the kitchen and hanging a few things outside. I also will be tackling our master. That is the largest task of all and the one that I am most dreading now but at least once it is complete I will only have the game room and office left! Oh and the garage of course. I can not stand clutter and it has to get done ASAP. I had everything organized to make the move go more smoothly but the movers undid almost all of that which had me in tears last night. It was the most unorganized move we have had yet. Just plain awful. We have been finding things completely separated from the rest of itself and things that should have been wrapped up were not but yet four pennies were. So far the patio umbrella is broken and the wheels on my cutting table. They must have sat heavy stuff on top of it and it bowed the wheels out.
I must admit even though we were only in our previous nest for 2 yrs and knew all along that we were moving and not staying there that I still got all chocked up when we went to close the door for the final time. She was a beautiful nest and we were blessed and thankful to have been able to spend two years there. Our boys went from being a toddler and a baby to being 5 and 3 and almost a half. When we moved there Littliest had just started talking and now he hardly ever quits.
Pardon me if I am rambling. It is 1 am and I must get to bed. It is the first time in months we have not had to be up by a certain time. Hoepfully everybody will sleep in. Good night ya all!

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