Wednesday, July 15, 2009


That is the theme for today. I have been okay up until today. The in-laws are gone and so is hubby. The boys have moments of good times but so far this week I can not even take them out with them acting like "those" children you try to avoid at the store. Okay maybe not that bad but since my kids are usually very well behaved to me it seems like that. We have spiders galore and we now also have small black ants on the stairs at the baseboards. No big deal really and to be expected since our house was vacant for two years. They are just what some call sugar ants but still they are bugs and belong outside and NOT in my house. 
The boxes are dwindling and you can actually walk into and around the office now. I will be working on the game room this afternoon and then really things will be pretty good. Then why do you ask that I feel overwhelmed!? Note screaming child in living room because it is too hard to pick up all the legos thrown about. I feel very displaced right now. Nothing is like I want it  and I have yet to decide on paint. It is funny, this felt like home till our stuff arrived and now it just seems so empty. I know that makes no sense but it is how I feel. I know things can not all be done at once but that does not make me not want it all to be done at once. I want normalcy to return. I want things to be in order and have a place. 
So that is my vent today. I am still very grateful to the man above for all the many blessings he has given us and I know that we have it good if all I have to fuss abt are screaming children and disarray! So really thank you Lord for my disarray. Thank you Lord for my screaming children and thank you Lord for our house that will become a home eventually. Thank you Lord!! I am not though grateful for the ants Lord. If you could take care of those that would be great!

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