Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Linkie Party

Hey ya all! I was just over visiting the Nester at The Nesting Place and she has invited us all to a linkie party on Monday July 13th! All you have to do is take a pic of any room or space in your house and then tell us all about what you paid! How fun is that!? Go on over to  The Nesting Place for more detailed info and to grab her linkie party button.  I am really excited because I love seeing what bargains are out there and what people have done with them to make them even better. I am hoping to be able to join as well though we will only be in our new home for like two days so not sure if I will have any one room completed but if not I will just take pics of my most favorite items and share where I am going to be putting them and how much I spent. 
Off to finish up a few more errands! Have a great day ya all! I will be back later to see what is up next on Show Us Where You Live Friday over at Kellys Korner. By the way is there ANYBODY out there who can tell me how to use Mr Linky that would be great!! I paid my $5 last Friday and am yet to get how it works. 

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