Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Closing & Many Thank Yous

So we have been super busy these last few days. We loaded up and headed out on Sunday to go and close on the new nest on Monday. We were dreading closing because it was going to be all the way on the other side of town at 4pm. We would have been stuck in major traffic getting out of there as well as having a four hour ride home.Not fun n the base case but extremely not fun with two kiddos in tow! Thankfully though our Realtor was able to work her magic...THANK YOU REBEKAH!... and was able to get closing moved right across from her office. A major life saver and on top of that it was at 1:30 and not 4.

The boys were at a friends house...THANK YOU JB AND KELLY.... so we were able to grab a quick bite to eat at our favorite deli type place McCalisters. Which by the way kids eat free on Mondays at least at the one by the new nest. Then I talked hubby into taking me to one of my new favorite places. I had heard abt it and even seen advertisements abt it but had never actually been to one up until abt a month ago. Can I say how much I LOVE Homegoods?! Now mind you it can take quite a few hours to go thru all of the treasures there and some not really all that great on pricing but if you look really hard you can always find a steal! the way I have only spent maybe an hour there between two visits imagine the trouble  could get into if I did have hours!HA!... Or you can at least find something you just have to have at a decent price. For me this time it was a old looking wall shelf thingy. I took a  pic but have not down loaded it yet so I will have to post it once we get into the new nest and I find it a home. 

While we were in TX closing on our new nest we got a call from our Realtor back here in Cajun Country and turns out somebody wanted to buy our house! THANK YOU LORD!!! We are now on day number three trying to get all that worked out but three days of paper work with just three weeks on the market is not bad. We are soooo not complaining! You have all kinds of extra things you have to do when a relo company is involved but we have been assured that our verbal contract will become a written contract sometime tomorrow. It truly will be a blessing to be able to move next week and not have to worry abt this nest just sitting here. I hope that the new owners love her as much as we have!      

In the meantime the boys and I were tired of just waiting around the house for a phone call saying yes the house is officially sold so we headed out to look for some bargains for the new nest. Our first stop was to the unfinished furniture store here in town. We had been there when we first moved here in hopes of finding a dining room table but nothing. Prices were a little steep I thought. Then the other day I saw a commercial for it and thought just maybe they might have a smallish island for the kitchen. I have always had an island to work on and it was killing me that the new house does not have one. I have been hunting high and low for one that was not too big and also looked like a piece of furniture and was not an arm and a leg. All were either too large, not the right style or wayyyyyyy to much money. My dreams of having an island were diminshing quickly.  

Then I saw this! I was soo excited!! Okay well she does not look exactly like this. Her legs have a few more turns on them and  and she does not have 'BOSS' stamped on her nor did she have the $700 price tag that this 'BOSS' has! Needless to say she was allowed to come home with me because she was such a bargain and I can decide what color to stain her legs once I get a feel for the new color scheme.    

 As if the island was not enough something else caught my eye with a big ol' clearance tag on her. My heart skipped another beat because I have ALWAYS wanted one of these but a nicely made high quality one is way out of my range. I thought how nicely one would look with our new dining room table or in the foyer but I had found a nice black bench on Target online that I was getting ready to order next week once we officially arrived to our new nest which would have been lovely as well.

This is what my new favorite item is for the new nest! She does not have a cherry finish on her or any finish at all for that matter which makes her perfect. She does have one broken spindle but my father in law aka Papa said we can easily fix her up to look like new. She was originally $500 and I walked out the door under $200! $200 is pricey but if you figure I can fit three skinny people on it or two fluffy huggable people aka me and the hubby then it is well within range. Most chairs I have been looking at are at least $120 a pop. I would feel bad abt the money but if you all remember I had told hubby I was charging him for all the stress of last week while he was gone and well I cashed in that check today!HA!

So there ya have what we have been up to the past few days. Tomorrow I need to mail out a few orders and get the front tires changed out on the van. Any of ya all who have Odysseys have issues with the front tires wearing out quickly on the outer edges??  I am intrigued because I saw another van just like ours whose tires were just the same.
Anyways, ya all have a wonderful rest of the week and if I don't get a chance to get back on have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!
God Bless the USA!

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