Friday, June 26, 2009

What A Day

So Friday is coming to a close. Today has been a whirlwind day to say the least. Lots going on and only so much time to get it all done in. I was able to get to the bank since we received our closing numbers. That was the biggie. Had to take Oldest and Littliest to Sonic for a late lunch since all morning I was trying to get the numbers for closing as well as make the house sparkle before we could even step foot out the door.  Can I tell you how much I can NOT wait to be able to leave my house with dirty dishes in the sink and maybe a few dirty socks on the floor every now and then!? Just  one more more week. 
After Sonic we headed to the PO to ship an order and then  we headed to the Super HobLob! Yes I am a crazy lady! I know though that I am not the only gal who visits HobLob twice in two days! I have been known to go twice in one day but usually only during he holidays. Anyways, we headed down there at 3:30 knowing good and well that we would not leave the HobLob till going home traffic time but I was on a mission and had some money to spend! I charged hubby $100 for this weeks stress since he has been gone all week. Actually more but I have not given him the actual total just yet!HA!
Believe it or not I actually found more at our avg sized HobLob yesterday than the super HobLob.  
I spent like $24 yesterday on these pretties. The pillow was originally $48!! Who would spend $48 on a pillow?? Okay maybe just maybe if it was really cool and I just had to have it but it would be a really BIG stretch. I think the most I have ever spent on a pillow is $25. Anyways, I bought the pillow in the 80% off section for just $9! Then I have been wanting the initial picture fro some time now and since it was 50% off this week she was a keeper. I am going to change the ribbon out to maybe a leopard print or burlap type ribbon once I figure out where it will go in the new house. In the garden section everything was  like 66% off and I got the adorable fairy kissing a bird for less than $3 and the other bird thingy for less than $3 as well. I had been keeping my eye on it for awhile now. Last weekend they were all out. Then I got for less than $2  the iron door knocker. I think I may put it on the door to the half bath.
This is one of the goodies I found at the super HobLob. Have no idea what these things are called but it was a steal at just $5 originally $27! I may end up painting it black and distressing it. Not sure yet.

Next there was this sweet tin. It was $6 and a little more than I wanted to pay for it but it was tooo cute so it had to come home too!
Remember this lovely from yesterday!? I had my trusty 40% off coupon with me for this pretty. Absolutely love her. 

This is how she looks lite up. Not so great. A bit on the Halloweeny side if hat is a word. So if you have seen these at HobLob  and have been contemplating one for yourself know it glows orange and not white like a normal candle. Still a keeper though. 

Then there was this iron Welcome Pineapple sign. Love it for the new front porch! I also  looked at the fab for the dining room again and am now second guessing myself. I always do that. 

So there ya have my HobLob finds for the week.  Maybe if I can figure out Mr Linky in a minute I will make a link for you all to share your HobLob finds!:)

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  1. The Christmas scents are the BEST!!!! Love your finds!!!!


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