Friday, June 26, 2009

Are you serious???!!!

Good morning all! I just have to say I can NOT wait for fall! I just went to check the weather out to see if we would be getting any more showers. We actually had our first in about a month on Tuesday. I punch in our area and what does the Weather Channel tell me it is here!!!??? Keep in mind it is only 9:40 am here. The temp reads 89 with heat index....are ya ready for this one???...of 100!!!!!!! I mean seriously. 

Okay that is my rant for the day. We have several things to accomplish. I need to make a bib and ship it and then we need to get the oil changed on the minivan and then get the check for closing on Monday. Have no idea abt the latter since we have yet to hear from the Title Company! Oh the joys of moving.
Ya all have a wonderful day!


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  2. Thanks for the comments on my bedding. I got it at Costco about a year ago. I LOVE it. The back side is a coordinating blue tone on tone stripe. The back of the shams match the bed skirt fabric. Wish I could find yardage for the windows.


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