Thursday, June 25, 2009

Master Bedroom

Show Us Where You Live is upon us once again over at Kellys Korner. I missed last week due to the craziness around here so I am excited to be able to join in on the fun this week. Master Bedrooms are the theme for this week so join me on a tour of our love nest! HA!

We purchased our furniture from a place called The Dump. Yes that is right, The Dump! It is a store where they get new shipments in every week and move things in and out all the time so it is pretty much a hit or miss kinda store. We hit the big time when we found this set! It took 6 years but well worth the wait! We only ever had hand me down comforter sets so our first Christmas here in this home I talked hubby into letting me spend $300 on a bedroom redo. I bought the comforter at my other home away from home Target for only $55!!! The iron work pieces are from PB and were on clearance for like $20 a piece I think.

Here is a peek into our reality here. My dining room table that I got a steal on a few months back awaits her new home. The bedding piled high is the boys who are camping out with me while hubby is way. The lamps I purchased at Kirklands for I think $15 a piece and the curtains are from Target.

Another peek at my stash for the new home. It is starting to take over but I now am in the I don't care phase of the game. Again another visit to Target yields a new comforter for Littliest to match Oldest's dinosaur bedding. 

This is a peek at the door to the patio with a mistreatment that just never happened. I hated to mess up a perfectly good panel when I knew we would not have a door to the outside more than likely in the new house and we don't but we do have two extra windows so now I only need one more panel instead of two. Thankfully Target still carries this print.
The view into our master bath and out lovely treadmill. What master would be complete without an unused dust collector such as this! HA! You see the box piled on it that is waiting for the tv. The picture frames are from WM. Yes they have been on the wall for a year and half with no real pics ion the one. Again its abt being real. I just can not find the perfect ones of Littliest for his frame.

The view from the master into the master bath. I love this window. I thought it was a little over the top when we first moved in but now I want to take it with us! Another Target panel that I did mistreat. It will be staying with the home. 

So there ya have it! Well most of it. I did not share with you all what is hiding under the bed. I think there is a black pedestal Better Homes & Garden table, two wrought iron towel holder thingys from HobLob and four wrought iron Hob Lob scrolly hook thingys I am wanting to use for curtain rods at the new house. Like I said it is all getting ready to take over! HA!
Have fun touring the rooms ya all and come back soon! Tomorrow I will be sharing what great finds I purchased at Hob Lob today! Also be sure to vote on Music or no music over on the sidebar! 


  1. Your master bedroom is so pretty!! I love your curtains!!

  2. Thanx! They are from Target but you can also get some similar ones at Lowes that are actually lined. My mother in law bought them for their family room and realized they were the same print!HA! She thought they looked familiar.

  3. Love your bedroom! You would never know you are about to move! I'd be a basket case!

  4. So pretty. I can't wait to see what your new place looks like.

  5. Very pretty... you're very brave for showing us "reality". Hahaha... it will get better!

  6. Reality is actually worse than that at times. Really a stack of pillows and blankets with a dining room table in the corner of a bedroom is not all that bad but when you are trying to stage your home for sale it is pretty bad but hey thats life.

  7. I love the target curtains they are sooo pretty, I actually want to run out and try to find them for myself! great job.

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