Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It seems that time has just flown by with all of this moving madness and that I have no idea what month it really is so let me be the first to wish you ladies a very Merry Christmas!

Oh no wait it is REALLY only May still so I ask why in the world is my home away from home putting out Christmas decorations already!!?? That was a major pet peeve of mine last year and a few before that. HL always starts putting out the holiday items in July and it makes me sooo mad because well it was summer   NOT winter! With doing so the problem always rises that when it actually comes time to get all of our pretties out and actually get into the holiday season we can NEVER find everything we need to complete what we are attempting to do.  So I am very sad to say that it is only May and HL seems to think there will be a rush on holiday items this year. I have thought about boycotting HL in the past to take a stand so they really know we DO NOT want holiday decorations in JULY or even May now but truth be told that will NEVER happen. I love my HL and it truly is my home away from home but geez!

I did find this lovely green fabric that goes with the plaid fabric I recently spied while lingering the isles. I now am thinking more of a living room treatment instead of kitchen or one that flows from room to room. You know it really is hard trying to make plans for a room you have never seen before! We keep crossing our fingers that "our" house stays available for us! Another day goes by and still no call from Cartus the relo company.

So while waiting for the call to come in to tell us 'yes go by your dream house' I look around at what else I could possibly do to this home. Ah yes those shelves above the built in tv armoire. Those shelves. Only once has every one of them been filled and that was at Christmas and only like A day before Christmas. You have to stand on a freaking 7 ft ladder to even reach them and actually that is not even tall enough so I mostly just left them abandoned for the last two years.  That was until yesterday after our HL trip. I was inspired to do something with them for only a few bucks. We came home and I had remembered this 'LOVE' sign that I purchased a few months back for only $4 but I hated the black and red on it but knew it could be something beautiful. I was puzzled by what paper to use to replace the red and black until I was cleaning the shelves off above the tv and I came across the papers I had on display that I was thinking of using to back the shelves. That project was halted by hubby. He thought I was insane! Anyways, the paper was a perfect choice I think to redo my 'LOVE' sign and all for no money out of pocket. I even distressed the letters after gluing the paper down and then aged them with some scrap booking liquid stuff that makes paper look aged.   

The result is this. So the shelves are only half way there. I am hoping that just maybe I can get away with one more sprig of fern and that will be that. It is no way near perfect but for this home it will do. If we were staying I could spend possibly another month on them!
Have a great day ladies!


  1. So maybe we should do this: I'll just send you an "allowance" of sorts: money for you to carry around and buy great things at ridiculously low prices for me! :) I LOVE the LOVE!

  2. Amy you are just too funny! We should get together when you come and visit your mom since we will be back in Houston very soon!


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