Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Happy Dance

We are doing the happy dance here! Yesterday while I was showing a prospective buyer our home before it lists the relo company finally called and said since we know the routine we could go ahead and house hunt this weekend! Again doing the happy dance! Right now the GPs are on their way in from Ga to watch the boys so hubby and I can hopefully purchase our new home in abt a 24 hr time period. We have only abt 20 homes and I am very quick to decide if I like home and if I do not. When we came hunting here we looked at  a little over 20 homes in less than three hours and they were spread out around town.  I am guessing we can maybe beat that. The thing that sucks is that the interest rates have gone up since two weeks ago and that makes us boil. 
Just working on a custom order and  waiting for the GPs to arrive so the circus can officially begin! Hope your day is going well!

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