Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keeping It Simple

This post is all about keeping it simple y'all! It does not take much time and does not even cost ya any money. Take one thing in your home that has always bothered ya and think of a way to make it better with stuff you already have. I know, I know this is not something new and ya see it all over blog land but I wanted to share with ya'll my keeping it simple project.

Today and yesterday I have been under the weather. Nasty bronchitis but I mustered up enough energy to tackle this because I needed something to keep me awake till The Hubster got home. It is the door into our pantry and I HATED it! When we first moved in this spice rack or whatever it is was all nice and white but now a year later it was all marked up and ugly. I did not want to paint. 
15 minutes later after getting out some scrap wrapping paper from HobLob that I had this now welcomes ya into our pantry! Not rocket science but definitely an improvement and yes we drink ALOT
Now this will have to wait till another day! Just keeping it real!:)
P.s. I figured you may need a good laugh. All this week I have been hunting down our Clorox wipes. I could not find them anywhere but I knew we had some so I refused to buy more. I was looking back over this here post and clicked on the last pic to see just how terrible the pantry really is. Look up there on the top right hand corner! Ha! Mystery Solved!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Show Us Where You Live Friday- Living Rooms

Edited Note: To those interested in the color I used in our living room it is Sherwin Williams Whole Wheat. I have also had WalMart color match it for our office and they did an awesome job. I try to respond to all questions personally but some of you do not have any way for me to contact you on your blogger profile page. When you send me a comment it shows up as no-reply blogger!:( I wanted to make sure to answer this question though because it truly is a great neutral color that adds so much warmth!

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner has brought back Show Us Where You Live Friday! I am soo excited because when she first started doing this series we were in the process of moving and I LOVED looking thru all the links and getting ideas for the new house. This week is living rooms and I know I know I just did a little post on our living room so I apologize to my regular pals that always stop by but I wanted to play along too!
Welcome to our home! This is what it looked like when we purchased it a little over a year ago.
This is what it looks like today! It is amazing what a little paint can do.
Here is the living room pre move. I love the arches going into the kitchen and breakfast room. The middle one is by the sink so I am always connected to what is happening which I love. That is our Realtors hubby in the pic. He was checking to see if they had turned the water back on yet.
Here is our living room today. I just added the sheer tiers to the windows and  am still getting use to them. We are hoping in the next year or so to rip out the carpet and add hand scraped wood floors like we had in our Baton Rouge home. We miss um like crazy. Thing is we would have to do them ourselves. Not sure we are up for the challenge but maybe after a few more DIY projects. 
We were not sure what we were going to do with the cove. The Hubster wanted a built in.
Instead we found this armoire which I think works really well and much less expensive that is for sure! Please ignore the shelves. I am still trying to figure those out. Maybe once I bring out the fall decor it will all come together but with 100 degree heat index it does not feel much like fall yet.

Thanx for stopping by and be sure to head on over to Kelly's to see many more great living room spaces and add your own to the growing list! I spent hours looking over them last year! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chalk Paint

As most of you know I am in love with this here book by Annie Sloan and vowed to somehow someway get ahold of some of her fabulous chalk paints!
Look what came in the mail on Saturday!! I finally was able to find a US "stockist". What was even more fab was that they carried 4 oz sample sizes! Now as far as being economical for sample sizes it was not. With shipping those four samples cost me abt $10 each but I HAD to  have them! Thrown in was a sample size of wax though!

They even included a color chart with the actual paint on it so you can see the true colors!! I am excited to get to play around with these. If I can decided on one of the colors for three differ projects and if they truly do stand up to no prep needed then I will order a gallon.
On a Thankful Tuesday note I want to say thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes for my father in law The Papa! As you know he traveled back to Ga and saw his docs. They did a color CT and THANK YOU Lord all was clear!!! Prayers answered!

Have a great Tuesday ya'll and thanx for voting on my sidebar abt what color I should paint the kitchen island! I think there are a few more days to vote. As of right now Cream is in the lead but for awhile now red was the winner.

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