Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keeping It Simple

This post is all about keeping it simple y'all! It does not take much time and does not even cost ya any money. Take one thing in your home that has always bothered ya and think of a way to make it better with stuff you already have. I know, I know this is not something new and ya see it all over blog land but I wanted to share with ya'll my keeping it simple project.

Today and yesterday I have been under the weather. Nasty bronchitis but I mustered up enough energy to tackle this because I needed something to keep me awake till The Hubster got home. It is the door into our pantry and I HATED it! When we first moved in this spice rack or whatever it is was all nice and white but now a year later it was all marked up and ugly. I did not want to paint. 
15 minutes later after getting out some scrap wrapping paper from HobLob that I had this now welcomes ya into our pantry! Not rocket science but definitely an improvement and yes we drink ALOT
Now this will have to wait till another day! Just keeping it real!:)
P.s. I figured you may need a good laugh. All this week I have been hunting down our Clorox wipes. I could not find them anywhere but I knew we had some so I refused to buy more. I was looking back over this here post and clicked on the last pic to see just how terrible the pantry really is. Look up there on the top right hand corner! Ha! Mystery Solved!


  1. Ok, no joke, this is totally inspiring me because I have that little corner shelf area I showed on Monday that really needs some sprucing up! I am totally gonna copy you and put some paper up on the wall behind each shelf and give it some love! :-) Great job and this was the perfect thing to link up to the party! Thanks for joining in the fun!

  2. Love the paper. What a wonderful idea. It looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  3. Great idea with the paper. Love the harlequin pattern cuz it really suits you.

  4. Great idea ! Looks really cute! I should organize my cupboards too!! :)

  5. Isn't it amazing how good it makes us feel when we accomplish something? Even when it's this small. This would make me smile everythime I opened the pantry! Good idea and great result!

  6. Yes, I did that sw paint samples I see in there? I have some under kitchen my sink. :) Your pantry door looks too cute. I just repainted and organized my linen closet. I now want something fun in there! Thanks so much for your visit~ I appreciate it.


  7. Hey Pamela! Thank you for stopping over at Yoga Gal. I love the shelves on your door and could use them myself- do you know where the previous homeowners purchased them?

    What you did with them and the paper is CUTE CUTE CUTE!

  8. Too cute. Where do you get all of these ideas? You have a wild imagination, girl. I think I just need to keep "stuff" on hand; paint, wallpaper, glue gun, ribbon, etc. But if I think of a project I have to go and buy everything for it.

  9. I love the black and white harlequin print! It makes such a difference.

    I just wish I had a thing like that on my pantry door!

    Thanks for the great ideas for the antique booth. I really think hanging fabric behind the lattice on the main wall would be perfect.


  10. Pamela, I have the same paper and have been saving it for another project. This is such a cute idea!

    Thanks for your visit. I just looked at my receipt for the table and it does not show a name. I know the table was available only in the stores and not on-line. Sorry, I couldn't be more help but I hope you find it.

  11. What a great idea! I would die if I had your pantry. I'm so jealous of your shelves!

  12. Pamela,
    I like the harlequin paper you used! I love the story how you found the Clorox wipes, it would be something I would do. I’m sort of organized. I really need to do a clean out and have a garage sale and give the rest to charity. My main problem is the motivation factor.

  13. Hi Pamela!! You are the winner of my pumpking sign giveaway!!! Email me at with your address & it'll be on it's way!

    What you did with that shelf is really neat! A great way to perk it up!
    congrats & thanks so much for entering!

  14. Great idea, Pamela. Someone should write a book about all the things you can do with scrapbook paper! The spice rack looks really nice!

    Isn't it amazing the things you can spot in pictures? Gald you found your wipes!



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