Thursday, August 6, 2009

Super Cute Finds

Hey ya'll! This evening was nice! We had our friends over who have little girls all the same age as our boys. Well except for they have one extra than us now!:) Keep trying to talk the Hubster into that so we can catch up but so far no go...that is the Hubster will not agree. Our friends are really great and we consider them family. Now that we are back in the old hood I am so glad we get to see them more than three times a year. They would always stop over in BR when they were in town for LSU games.

What else? Still fighting the d**n ants. We were good all last night and then I saw them balled up on the floor this afternoon so I was thinking Thank You Lord! Well I counted my blessings far too soon. Went in the bathroom before our friends arrived and they were all over my boys tooth brushes. Yes I know gross and I am sure you are so thankful I am sharing but I need to vent some how. Those brushes got tossed and will be replaced in the am. I am at a lost and frankly sooo tired. Tired is not even the word for it. Exhausted from dealing with them. Tomorrow will mark week #4 in our new home and three of the four we have been dealing with ants. No ants before we closed and no ants when we stayed over for the fourth. Go figure. I guess maybe the time of year it is.

Anyways, the boys are fast asleep thankfully and I was going thru my normal drop ins and over at Girlstuff she shared some pics of the cutest Halloween chandy shades and bling I have ever seen! That led me to research where she found um. Sorry for being a copycat poster but I just had to share!!

This one I found over at of course Ballard Designs! LOVE LOVE LOVE that place. At $16 a pop though I will have to pass or figure out how to make some on my own.

I also found these cuties over on Ebay. Not as cute as Ballard but still would do the trick. The boys would love um and they are only $4 a piece! Very budget friendly if you decorate for Halloween. I don't really but do for fall. Now that the boys are older though I feel the need to see the gleam from their eyes when the decorations come out in the stores.

Now if you are crafty enough head on over to over to Cottage Magpie. She has a post from last year abt how to make these beauties! Super cute and now another blog I will have to stop by!!

Hope ya'll had a wonderful evening with family and friends as well! Chat more tomorrow! I was working a project this afternoon that I will be sharing soon.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Window Shopping

Hey ya all! I should be in bed but I am surfing the net instead looking for some good deals. We have tighten the belt on our spending now though. I always love to move because it means I can always spend money on stuff I would never other wise be able to. New nests always need new pretties right!?
So even though we are now making ourselves short on cash per say I am still on he prowl for some great finds. Sometimes if I ask really nicely and make a good case for something the Hubster gives in. My motto is " You have to spend money to save money" wink wink! So here are a few things I have found thus far.

If only I had found theses two weeks ago! I love the turn legs and soo can see them painted black and distressed! A steal at just $100 for all three tables.

Love love love this antique desk! The color is actually scrumptious and I would need to do nothing to it. I think it would make a great sewing table. Just $59. A bit up there but I will keep my eye on it.

Now look at this great light fixture! I purchased a 6 light chandy a few weeks back that is waiting to be placed in the breakfast nook. I will share pics once I actually talk somebody into hanging it for me. There is a debate over it because of the way I have the breakfast area staged the light will have to be swagged. My father-in-law and well my mother-in-law and the Hubster all are having a cow that I would even think to swag a light. My mom says swag it! I say hey it is much better than moving the light all together! Have any of you swagged?? In the end I will win this battle! Anyways,this chandy would be awesome in the dinning room! A can of spray paint and some new shades or re purposed shades and she will be gorgeous!! I am actually having a hard time finding chandys that require shades. Most of them these days have globes. This one is $40 which is a bit much. I did email the seller and offered $20 for it. Can't wait to see what she says. It has been up for a few days now so just maybe!

Okay, off to check in on the babes fast asleep upstairs and hopefully soon will find myself asleep as well! Have a good one ya all!


Hey ya all! Still battling the ants but just one or two here and there instead of 20 +. Urgh.
Just wanted to share this link with ya all! If you have a blog and post pictures of your children on it PLEASE make sure there is not anyway they can be lifted! This story is horrifying and honestly another reason added to why you will not find recent pics of Oldest and Littliest on here though I would LOVE to share tons. I HATE that people violate other people like this. I love visiting everybody's blogs and seeing those wonderful cute faces smiling back at me but now hate to say some bloggers may reconsider posting their babies pics. I am actually going to be removing the few baby pics I had shared a few weeks back when I joined in on Show Us Where You Live over at Kellys Korner. We always thought abt reasons to not post current pics but never in a million years did I think of this.
Be careful ya all! Maybe you are more computer savy than me. Maybe we should all put watermarks of some sort on all of the pics??

It's A Monday!

Today I pray for sanity and calmness. I need it sooooo much! Those who know me know I HATE bugs. I especially HATE bugs in my home. Our last two nests I have dealt with tea ants, wasps, and fire ants. All in which I have freaked though sanity tells me that it what comes with owning a home. I explained to myself before we moved into our new nest that I needed to prepare myself for the possibility of bugs in our new nest since it had been sitting vacant for two years. I must say spiders no longer bother me...depending on how big they are. I have learned they are actually my friend in helping to deter other bugs. Ants however will NEVER be my friend.

A few weeks back we had tea ants on the stairs. Why the stairs who knows. Mind you when I say a few weeks back we are just now beginning week number 4 in the nest. I was thankful they were not fire ants. In the last nest a few weeks into living there we had fire ants in our dining room and living room. Imagine my horror when Littliest came to show me he had bugs on him from sitting on the couch. I was horrified. It was just two ants but still!!! I was in tears for over a week but they were rid of and thankfully never returned. I was a pure crazy lady vacuuming and cleaning and spraying. Probably would have been comical if it was not me. Nah, I don't think so.

What brings me to fire ants you may ask? Well at 9 am today Littliest had to go potty. Fine and dandy. We did our business and left the master bath. 9:30 I go to get dressed so we can run errands fire ants every where!!! I was proud and am proud of myself though. I have remained calm though a few tears are hiding in the back of my eyeballs.

I have just spent two hours dealing with the ...I can think of soo many names but I will refrain....ants. I vacuumed um up inside and took the vacuum outside to dump it as well as to shake out the towels that they were in. ( You are never suppose to smash um because they will send out distress calls and more will come. Learned my lesson there.) I then went around the entire outside of the house in 100 degree weather and sprayed all the weep holes and ended up finding two huge nests. I love nests, but not those nests!! They were everywhere just crawling in the weep holes. I cringe at the thought.

My boys are still in their pjs and I have accomplished nothing but fighting ants all morning. Mind you it is now almost 1pm. Forgot all abt lunch. Guess I need to feed the youngings now. Surprised they have not whined yet. Thank you Lord for no whining today except from me!

Hope your Monday is going better ya all! Also if ya have any tips on fire ants I would LOVE to hear um. Tx is AWFUL abt ants.
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