Thursday, December 5, 2019

Dreaming of a French Farmhouse Bread Makers Cupboard

 Do you have that one piece of furniture that you have been dreaming about? My dream started goodness probably 8 or so years ago after seeing a rustic vintage style hutch that was for sale at an antique shop in PA called Lucketts. I believe Miss. Mustardseed had posted a pic of it on her blog at the time. She use to have a space there. Anyways, it was a dreamy piece to say the least and I was never able to find anything like it online or locally.
White-French- Farmhouse- Bread- Makers Cupboard-Bakers Cabinet-Cottage-Style-Dining Room-Hutch-From My Front Porch To Yours

Fast forward to about 2 years ago. We were out shopping for office furniture for Mr. Front Porch and I found my dream cabinet. It was not this one but a single style. I wanted to get two to flank each side of our breakfast nook windows but sadly they were too wide.  
White-French-Farmhouse-Kitchen-Vintage-Style-Bread-Box-Bakery-Box-From My Front Porch To Yours
Fast Forward to Spring of this year and a local shop I follow on FaceBook posted that they had a tabletop bakers/bread cabinet. I was still dreaming of the full size cabinet but was just as happy with the counter top cabinet. It matches our style perfectly and we use it daily. 

After seeing more posts on FB of the full size cabinet I told Mr. Front Porch that I thought I was ready to change up the hutch in our dining room even though I love the French Country hutch we already own. It has been a staple in our dining room for almost 10 years now. Mr. Front Porch said if I wanted it for Christmas I could have it! Isn't he just the best!? I think so even without him buying me new furniture. Anyways,you would think I would jump right on the offer but I still hemmed and hawed over the purchase for months. One I still loved our current hutch and second the new cabinet that I wanted I was afraid was too big for our space. The medium size cabinet I shared earlier in the post is  actually smaller than our current hutch and I did not want anything smaller! I finally decided to go for it and to get the larger cabinet.
Dining-Room-Hutch-French- Farmhouse-White- Bread -Makers- Cupboard-Bakers- Cabinet-From My Front Porch To Yours
 The cabinet is actually called a Bread Makers Cupboard I believe. It comes in several different styles. This one has four glass bakers doors. The story goes that bread makers would sit the dough in the glass areas till it rose and was ready for baking. Once baked they would place in the upper cabinets for sale. Who knows if that is true or not but sounds good!:)

Cottage-Style-French -Farmhouse -Bread- Makers -Cupboard-Bakers Cabinet-From My Front Porch To Yours
The cabinet comes in several different color stories as well from white to this dingy white wash.

Cottage-French -Farmhouse -Bread- Makers- Cupboard-Bakers- Cabinet-Raw-Wood-Pickled-Finish-From My Front Porch To Yours
Then there is the raw wood style which is a new one. This piece is gorgeous in person! 

Black-French- Farmhouse-Cottage-Style- Bread- Makers- Cupboard-Bakers- Cabinet-From My Front Porch To Yours
Then there is black. We purchased black cabinets for the office and really like them. It was a tough decision but I finally made one. 

French Farmhouse-Dining Room-Ballard Designs-Indoor-Outdoor-Rug-Mia-Chandelier-Pottery-Barn-From My Front Porch To Yours-DIY-Wainscoting
Crazy lady I am the week of Thanksgiving I got to emptying out the current hutch and dining room to make room for my Christmas present. Which one did I choose? I bet you can probably guess.

Blue & White-Decor-White-French- Farmhouse -Cottage-Style-Bread- Makers- Cupboard-Bakers -Cabinet-From My Front Porch To Yours
Yep, I went with distressed white. You just can not go wrong with white and it matches the counter top cabinet in the kitchen.

Mia-Chandelier-Pottery Barn-White-Cottage Style-French Farmhouse Bread Makers Cupboard-Bakers Cabinet-From My Front Porch To Yours
I am in LOVE with this piece and am so glad we went with the larger version. It fits perfectly in our space. Stay tuned because I am in the middle of giving it a mini makeover of sorts and decking it out for the holidays! Speaking of decking the halls I shared the first part of our Christmas breakfast nook yesterday. CLICK on over if ya missed it!


  1. Oh my word, is is fabulous. What a great find and so perfect for your home.

  2. This is a great piece. Can't wait to see how you will style it!

  3. I'm in love with this piece too. So happy you chose white. What fun you will have decorating that treasure.

  4. These are beautiful. So happy you got the one that you really wanted. It works great in the room. Not too big at all. If you w3nt smaller you would have been settling. Sometimes I think smaller also makes rooms looked cluttered.

    Can't wait to see her beautified even further.


  5. That is a huge piece and it's perfect for that wall...NOW to fillet for the holidays!

  6. Hello, are you willing to share where I could purchase a cabinet/ hutch like yours?

    1. I purchased it from a local wholesaler in Houston.

  7. Hello, would you please share where I could purchase your beautiful hutch? Love it!

    1. It is from Global Imports.

    2. I love this cabinet. Can you please share a link or the name of the wholesaler you bought it from? Thanks

  8. I have a small kitchen And I was wondering if they can make and style it a single one.

    1. I have seen it in a single. You would need to find a local retailer that carries them.

  9. Please let me know where you got this cabinet. I love it and your style. I get so much inspiration from your blog. Thanks


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