Friday, October 18, 2019

Hydrangea Flower Arrangements

Today has been a busy day! I got the car washed and then spent two hours perusing WalMart. I was looking for some of their Vintage Inspired Halloween decor they have this year. Our store only has gotten bits and pieces of it in so it is a hit or miss. I am wanting to start decorating a little for Halloween every year so I figured I would see what I could find for next year. I purchased some cute little pumpkin treat buckets that were just 75 cents each. They are a mini version of the large one kids take out Trick or Treating. 
After I dug thru the Halloween I spent awhile in the Christmas isles. My store finally has it all out so I hemmed and hawed over what exactly I was needing this year. I am famous for putting a bunch of stuff in my cart and then putting half of it back if not all of it. My boys just love it when I do that. LOL. 
Walmart also included grocery shopping, then it was home to take pics of the fall breakfast nook and dining room.  I am still in the process of editing those pics so I thought that I would share a project I worked on a few months back for my neighbor friend. 
White-Hydrangea -Floral- Arrangement-DIY-From My Front Porch To Yours
My friend asked me if I knew how to make flower arrangements and I told her I have made a few small ones over the years so I could give it a try on larger ones if she wanted. Let me tell you I had so much fun designing  arrangements for her! She wanted something elegant but with a farmhouse feel. She wanted an arrangement for her kitchen island which is where this one went.

French-Farmhouse-French-Country-White-Hydrangea-DIY- Floral- Arrangement-From My Front Porch To Yours
I then also got to design one for her breakfast nook. She wanted the arrangements to all coordinate so we stayed with the same flowers but just used different galvanized containers. 

Hydrangea -White-Floral -Arrangement-DIY-Breakfast-Nook-From My Front Porch To Yours
Here is the round one in her beautiful home! Don't you just love her new chandelier!? She has the matching long one over her kitchen island.

DIY-White-Hydrangea -French-Farmhouse-French-Country-Floral -Arrangement-From My Front Porch To Yours
After she saw the two arrangements and fell in love, she then wanted a third for her dining room. I think this one is by far my favorite one! This one however almost never was. I had to run out to pick up supplies for it and on the way home I was hit on the highway. A fun time was NOT had by all. I will save ya all the details. All that matters is that we are both safe and sound and my SUV is back to new. 

French-Country-Farmhouse-DIY-White-Hydrangea- Floral -Arrangement-From My Front Porch To Yours
Anyways, I love this arrangement so much I think I may have to recreate it for our breakfast nook. I lucked up and found the exact container on Clearance a few weeks back for just $2 so I think it is a sign I must make myself one!:)


  1. Those arrangements a beautiful. Glad you were not hurt in the accident.

  2. So thankful you all were not hurt. God had traveling mercies with you!!! Praise Jesus!!!

    What beautiful fall the favorite flower anytime of the year!


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