Sunday, February 19, 2017

Magnolia Home Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a come back y'all and did you know that Joanna Gaines is helping it along? She teamed up with York Wallcoverings and has just released her own line of wallpaper. 
Magnolia Home Wallpaper-York Wallcoverings

I spent probably an hour browsing the collection and trying to envision where I could use some of it in our home. 
Magnolia Home Wallpaper-York Wallcoverings-Coverlet Floral-Navy
This one is the Coverlet Floral and comes in several color stories. The navy is my favorite! 
Farmhouse Style-Wallpaper-Heirloom Rose-Magnolia Home Wallpaper-York Wallcoverings
The Heirloom Rose color stories make it hard to choose a favorite.
Magnolia Home Wallpaper-York Wallcoverings-Farm Scene-Vinatge-Retro-Wallpaper
Then there is this retro-vintage farm scene called Homestead.
These are just a few of my personal favorites. I was able to browse the collection over at Leland's Wallpaper. What is even better than browsing online is that you can order 21 inch samples and view them in your home before purchasing. I can not wait to get my samples hopefully this week!   
Early Spring Flower-From My Front Porch To Yours
Hope your Sunday is going well! It is an overcast day here and 75. The wind is blowing and the windows are open! We are having an early spring and most trees and plants are already blooming and sadly the pollen is in the air. I am glad that I did not rip our flowers out after our hard freeze in January.

Be sure to stop back by to visit on the front porch tomorrow!


  1. I love wallpaper, especially in small rooms like a powder room. These look lovely.

  2. I have heard that wallpaper was making a comeback. You have shared some beautiful choices. I especially love the navy one. I hope that you enjoy your week!!!

  3. I've always loved wallpaper. There used to be wallpaper shops all over town but they all disappeared...hope they come back soon! Lovely patterns!!!

  4. I love wallpaper but not putting it up or taking it down myself. What a pain. These are wonderful examples.

  5. I love that wallpaper is making a comeback!...I will wait till be build our new home so I won't have to worry about re-sale!...Years ago, many of my rooms were wallpapered.....not surprised that Joanna created her own line of wallpapers!

  6. I love the first wallpaper you showed, looks so cottagey, would be wonderful in our bedroom, perfect. Would be so cozy. Am not usually wallpaper fan but really liked samples you showed. Am I ready to try putting up wallpaper, don't think so - yet.
    We have big room so maybe couple walls of that pattern would make room seem cozier. Think will send away for couple samples. Have wonderful week.

  7. Beautiful patterns!! Wall paper is coming back in style but in my mind, it always was in style!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  8. I always enjoyed wallpaper in our bathroom Most of the wallpaper stores that I would spend hours in are gone. Yes, I said hours.



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