Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dining Room Seating

I have collected pieces for our dining room over time so it has been a matter of mix and matching pieces.

These were the first set of chairs I purchased for our dining room table. They worked great till I changed out the top of our dining room table to planks.
That resulted in me swapping out the arm chairs for the frenchy arm chairs that were in our office.
That was great but then the armless chairs I felt no longer went with the space so I took them out.
To replace the armless chairs that I sold I am in the process of painting two of these round back french chairs I have. Yes, I said paint, fabric and all but I will share about that in another post.
Once I decided on using the french round back chairs I decided the frenchy armed chairs were too much in the space so I went out and purchased a set of Kubu chairs from Target when they went on sale. 
Now that leaves the Windsor bench. I LOVE this bench but sadly it no longer goes with everything else in the dining room. I was/am so torn on what to do with it. I am trying to sell it because I honestly have no where to put it but that still leaves me with having to figure out what to use in its place.
The first thing that came to mind were these crate ottomans. I have had this pic for awhile now and forget where I snatched it from but I know you can buy them from Ballard Designs for a whopping $499 each and I would need not one but two. Seeing as just one is out of the question two are certainly not happening. 

Then I found this bench which has similar styling to the legs as the round back french chairs I am painting. It is $249 over on Wayfair.
I also found this bench over on Wayfair as well and thought it would be perfect since it has casters. Oldest and Littliest are the ones who sit at the bench when we eat in the dinning room so I figured having casters would make it so much easier for them to get in and out. I can not find the link right now but this one was priced around $270.

Since the Windsor bench has not sold yet I am not in the market to be spending that type of cash so I have come up with another plan! Two words- Ana White.
Stay tuned!:)


  1. Looking good in there Pamela. I love those chairs from Target. How great are those?!! Love the bench too from Wayfair with the coaster legs that is really sweet. Lookin good!

  2. Pamela I LOVE those Kubu chairs...I didn't know Target carried them!

  3. Oh I can't wait to see it all, it is going to look amazing.

  4. Oh! Your dining room is stunning! That first photo kept me staring and taking it in for a few minutes. Love it!

  5. Oh can't wait...anything made by the inspiration of Ana White is that bench with the castors!

  6. It's good you're not scared to change things out so your dining room is always looking its best! I love it...your chandelier is amazing!!


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