Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gold Paint & Two Cows

Last week this canvas arrived in the mail. I was super excited to receive it after seeing it over at Just Paint It.
Colleen painted the original and is offering up copies with a portion of the proceeds going to help aid the victims of the awful tornado outbreak in Oklahoma. I ordered the 11X14 print knowing I had a vintage frame it would fit perfectly in.
I have never ordered art prints before so I did not know I had to leave an allowance for a border. This posed quite the dilemma. I was not wanting to spend any more money on this project and I was determined I was going to make this frame work.
After pondering the solution for awhile and watching the progress out back and being bored out of my mind it dawned on me what I could do.
I pulled out my gold paint and decided to just paint the white border around the cows gold. I was crossing my fingers that once painted the gold would blend in with the frame. 
Next up I had to create a backing to hold the print in the frame so out came an old box I had.
After a little trimming I had the backing I needed.
I did not want to permanently affix the canvas to the cardboard so I used some packaging tape to keep the two together.
Here is the outcome. 
I am just loving my two cows, gold paint and all. They look right at home on the shelf in our half bath.

If you love this print as much as I do you can order it in several different sizes from Colleen's Zazzle shop. You can also purchase raffle tickets on her blog for chances to win the original painting! Drawing to be held on June 30. It is such a worth wild cause!


  1. Love your cows.

    It was funny to open your comments and see Kim's face. She was the first person I thought of when I saw your cow painting.

  2. That turned out great and painting the gold was such a good idea. I actually like the white border but maybe I'm all wrong. :)

  3. That turned out great and painting the gold was such a good idea. I actually like the white border but maybe I'm all wrong. :)

  4. Love the cows surrounded by gold! Gorgeous frame, perfect up-cycle.

  5. love the cows and the frame. get idea to color the border. I would not have thought about ordering a size that wouldn't show the border. thanks for the info.

  6. The cows are lovely and look great in the gold frame.

  7. Love the cows...and the fact that you made that frame work! Well done!

  8. Hello Pamela,
    These are such cuties and I have been looking for a cute cow print...thanks so much for sharing. Have a question for you...where did you get the brackets from that you have in your bath? Mr.CC is making me some shelves for the breakfast room and I need four brackets.


  9. Dawn
    How great and adorable are these cows. Great cause too. They look great on your shelf.

  10. What a great cow print! Your solution turned out great.

  11. I love that painting by Colleen and the story behind it! It looks great in your home..I just may have to follow suit and order a print, too.

  12. They are such a sweet pair. I love your creative thinking with the gold paint. Blessings, Patti

  13. It looks so cute! Love the rustic cows in the elegant gold frame!

  14. love it all. The setting in your bathroom is perfect and the cows make all the difference.

  15. What a great picture. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Great solution! The cows in that frame look so art gallery worthy!

  16. Pamela, the gold was just the perfect touch! Love it!

  17. Love the cows... and what a wonderful way to raise money for a great cause.
    looks like the pool is coming along. Can't wait to see it all finished.

  18. Oh my goodness, Pamela! I'm so sorry you had such an issue with the print. I think that's my fault because the original was a 16 x 20 and to make the prints I had to add the white border. But what a beautiful solution you made!

    I'm delighted you like Two Cows. It's funny that I just saw this because I'm 'googling' for another cow to paint for a client! Thank you so much for the links too!


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