Sunday, May 5, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- No Minimalist Here

Hi everyone!

I am Sherry and I write the blog  No Minimalist Here.

  I am honored and excited to be included in How I Found My Style Sundays. Pamela, thanks for
the invite.

My husband and I bought this house five years ago when he was transferred to Virginia for his job. We knew this would not be our "forever" house and that when Steve retired in a few years we would be moving back to Florida.  For the time we were here I wanted to give the house our personality.

When we sold our previous home in Florida the buyers wanted to buy the home completely furnished...even our towels and cookware. We moved into our new 4500 square foot home with only our clothes, three pieces of furniture and some decorative accessories. It was exciting, but somewhat nerve wracking, to start decorating from scratch. We settled on a budget for decorating and I set out to make this house feel like a home. There were some new furniture purchases but thanks to Craigslist, estate sales and auctions we were able to stay way under budget.
If a Designer walked into our house they would probably freak out. You won't find any one style, but a mix of different styles that are a little "all over the  place".  Charles  Faudree is my favorite designer and I love the French  Country style, but I equally love coastal design. Italian pottery is also a passion of mine and I adore transferware.

 Steve and I love to travel and we have been to some amazing places.  Our travels have greatly influenced my decorating style. Instead of t-shirts or other souvenirs I always bring back a small painting or nice decorative piece for our home.

I've been interested in decorating for as long as I can remember. As a child I would constantly rearrange the furniture in our home, and the homes of my friends. By age seven I was drawing floor plans, designing furniture and fabrics. I would take my mother's fabric remnants and paint designs on them and she would make pillows for my room.

This large Olive Pot was one of my favorite finds. It was an auction find and cost me $25.00!  A few
days later I saw a similar pot at an antique shop for $325.

My favorite room in the house is the Morning Room. This room is off the kitchen and I love all the windows and light.

 My blog,  No Minimalist Here  is all about decorating on a budget and I strongly believe you can have a beautiful home without breaking the bank.

 Craigslist, auctions, estate sales and thrift stores are all great places to find beautiful things for your home. Sign up to receive emails from local auction and estate sale companies and be diligent about checking the sites frequently. Look for quality pieces and take your time to find the right furniture for your home.

Pamela, thank you for inviting me to your wonderful blog!

Thank you so much Sherry for coming over today and sharing your beautiful home with us! I have been a Follower of your blog for oh so long and remember when you sold your FL home! I am honored to have you here today.


  1. прекрасный дом и замечательное его украшение! очень понравилось!!!

  2. I love Sherry's style and so proud that she sold her home and can finally move. I look forward to watching her decorate a new home.

  3. I always loving seeing Sherry's home! Her collections are amazing and her vignettes are beautifully done. Very inspiring!

  4. Not only is Sherry a talented decorater but she has such a kind, sensitive heart. I'm a loyal fan of her blog. Thanks for including her in your series!
    Leslie (gwen moss)

  5. This is such a gorgeous home and I love your style. Can't wait to see what you do when you make your next move. Hugs, Marty

  6. I too love Sherry's style and love her blog. She is talented and sweet and the pictures of her home are amazing. Coastal Charm is awaiting her.

  7. Super lovely! Too many things that I love to name off, but gosh that big olive pot...what a score!

  8. Sherry has such an interesting story, starting new in a home with nothing and building from there. Her pieces look very high end and as if she had been collecting them for years and years. Beautiful home...she is so talented!


  9. Pamela, I am so honored to be included in the How I found My Style series. I appreciate your friendship and support of my blog. Thank You!


  10. Thanks for featuring Sherry today. I luv her blog! Glad she is in contract to sell her home and ow look forward to seeing her start all over again.
    Cheers ladies.

  11. Sherry's home is beautiful - love the way she decorated her home.
    Great post.

  12. Such beautiful furnishings...Sherry knows how to decorate!
    Thanks for sharing...

  13. I love Sherri's home and her blog too! I'm so glad to read her here today :)

  14. I'm so happy for Shirley and the sale of her home! Pamela, what a nice feature! I love that Shirley incorporates items form their travels! I can't wait to see her new home!

  15. Sherry's home is loaded with style. Everything blends in together with vignettes right from the pages of magazines. Just the the kind I like to copy!


  16. I love Sherry's style and she has so beautifully decorated her home. Love her blog and her genuine nature...Always a pleasure visiting her blog and reading her stories...I so enjoyed reading her story...Thanks Pamela!!

  17. Well someone wanting to buy everything in a house for sell tells you the owner is one incredible decorator!!!!
    So happy for Sherry - and can't wait to follow the next part of her journey - with her amazing taste it's sure to be a fun one!
    Big hugs to both of you

  18. Eclectic suits me to a tee, and sherry has mastered the art of putting together unlike things in a cohesive manner.


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