Sunday, May 26, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- Beyond The Screen Door

Hi, everyone! I'm Sonya from Beyond the Screen Door.  I'm so very honored to be a part of Pamela's "How I Found My Style" series. Thank you, Pamela! 
I began writing Beyond the Screen Door as an extension of my Interior Design business, Sonya Hamilton Designs.  I have a degree in Interior Design and enjoy all aspects of design. Over the years the majority of my work has been with fabric. Beyond the Screen Door has become a way to share the window treatments, pillows, bedding, artwork, etc that I've created for my local clients as well as online clients. I love sharing these with the hope of inspiring you with ideas for your own home.Be sure to visit The Gallery which is full of photos of many of these window treatments & pillows and The Shop at Beyond the Screen Door.  
If I have to narrow it down I'd say my style is Eclectic...mixed with Country, a touch of Cottage, a hint of Traditional, a spattering of Vintage, a good dose of Family History thrown in for good measure and a desire for a bit of Industrial that hasn't happened yet.
I want our home to say something about who we are as a family. I love using things that we have had a hand in making, painting or creating.
How Did I Find My Style? 
 My style is constantly evolving. You've all heard the saying "Life is a Journey, not a Destination"...that's my philosophy with decorating. It's a journey. It's not meant to be a quick trip! I honestly don't think I will ever reach a decorating destination. I'm not sure I want to! I've joked that if I finished decorating every room in my house I'd be ready to re-decorate the first room I started with!
 Most Treasured Find  I'm not a collector (unless you count fabric but that's closer to borderline hoarding). The most treasured pieces in my home are those things that have sentimental value. Things that have been hand made or passed down from family. Treasures like photos, the ladder back chair my grandfather made, the frames an uncle made or... grandmother's antique dresser that sits beside my bed but doubled as the altar during my oldest daughter's wedding. Priceless in sentimental value. The majority of the things I treasure most in our home have very little monetary value.
Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Home?
  • Take Your Time - The most beautiful as well as comfortable homes are those that have evolved over time.
  • A Dose of Contentment - When the budget turns "taking your time" into a necessity, waiting can feel like a burden. A small dose of contentment comes in very handy.
  • Waiting often equals better choices - Rushing the decorating process can lead to expensive mistakes. We've all made purchases that ended up in the garage sale pile way too soon.
  • Being Content doesn't have to mean Stale - I have a strong, continuous desire for change. It's amazing what small changes involving paint, upcycling or rearranging can do for ones state of mind.
  • Don't be afraid to let your Home Reflect You! Don't be afraid to say NO to a decorating trend you don't really like or can't relate to. It's your home!
I'd love to have you follow along with me on this journey! You can find me at Beyond the Screen Door where you can follow through email or your rss feed, Bloglovin', Facebook, or Instagram @beyondthescreendoor Thank you!

I am so happy that Sonya stopped by to share her style with! Sonya has been on my blog roll since the very beginning and I am always in awe of her creations. She is one talented lady! Thank you Sonya for stopping by today and sharing your decoration words of wisdom.


  1. Wow. Sonya has amazing style! I love her bedroom! That lamp shade....oh la la!

  2. She writes beautifully, gies wonderful advice and has a unique awesome style.

    Good choice with Sonja, Pam.

  3. Wow, she is right about taking your time. She does a very lovely job on her decorating.
    Thanks for sharing her with us bloggers.

  4. Love Sonya's style and I always love to see pictures of her beautiful home, as well as her talents and creativity with fabric. Thanks so much for sharing Sonya's style with us Pamela! A wonderful Memorial Day weekend to both of you.

  5. Hi Pamela, I've loved Sonya's style since I found her beautiful blog. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  6. Hi Pamela,
    Sonya's home is beautiful. I love her bedroom and I love the leather and fabric chair. So gorgeous. Her style is unique and comfy. Thanks for sharing her home with us.

  7. Hi, Pamela! It was my pleasure to be a part of today. Thank you!

  8. Great Blog. So glad I found you! I'll be stopping back soon.

  9. first thing I spotted in the fabulous bedroom was the candelabra on the lamp table
    I am going through the candelabra phase of my journey

  10. i so love Sonya and her beautiful blog...her home is as beautiful as she is!!...

  11. Love this front door!!! I so agree about style being evolving, at least I know mine is, and will continue to be, we change so why wouldn't are interior design style. I am headed over to check out your blog.
    Thanks, Patty


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