Sunday, February 17, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- Cedar Hill Ranch

Hello there, I'm 
Anita from Cedar Hill Ranch
where we do  Texas living with a French Accent.
I'm so happy to be visiting Pam over here at her gorgeous blog, and am so honored she wants to hear about my style.  But before we start, have a seat, and I'll get us a cup of tea.
She gave me several questions and here they are.
1- What is your decorating style?
My decorating style is... FARMHOUSE FRENCH.  I've described it as 
chippy, rusty, crusty
with touches of French.  

It's a relaxed, comfy style with a touch of Marie Antoinette, before... well.. you know.  My style incorporates antique French furniture, with vintage silver, beautiful linens, creamy linen slipcovers and tapestry fabric, with a little toile thrown in.  
A big part of this style is to use things with a past, like old seltzer bottles, grain sacks, wood boxes and wicker baskets,  and crystal.   Yes we're talkin' Lisa Douglas from Green Acres. That's me, only without the accent.  (You might be too young to know who I am talking about.)
I inherited a big mink coat, and I can't wait to get a picture of myself wearing the mink AND my cowboy boots while I'm digging a hole with a shovel at the ranch. That's just what Lisa would have done, only she would have been wearing her high heels with pink feathers.  I wrote a post recently on my style and you can find it here
2- How did you "find" your decorating style? 
Good question.  As with most bloggers/designers, it has evolved over time.  It shifts a bit this way and that, but it's always been traditional, and about 15 years ago, I made a shift from an English look to a French look.  
Because of the expense, the changeover has been gradual.  When I began blogging, I made the change from lots of color to a neutral, soothing palette with more and more vintage touches. I never, ever thought I would decorate with white because I love color so much. 
But now that I've moved to the light side, I can't get over how much better my home looks.  (It photographs better also.)  Blogging has helped me greatly to find my style and to figure out what exactly it is.  When you are taking photos of your house every day, then editing the photos and writing about them, it becomes clearer and clearer what your style is.   If you are having a difficult time determining your style, start looking at your Pinterest boards. There is probably a common theme, and then it's just a matter of putting it into words, and then finding those things for your home that fit your style. 
I looked at what I have shared on Facebook, and was surprised at just how much of a Francophile I've become.  
See what I mean? My decorating heros are Rachel Ashwell, and Charles Faudree, in case you are wondering. 

3- What has been your most treasured find for your home? 
This was a hard one for me to answer.   Of course lots of pieces have sentimental value since we inherited so many things.  If I could choose a category, it would be dishes, since I love all of them, inherited and bought. 
But if I had to chose one thing that I like the most in my home, (see now I just thought of all the portraits I took of my daughters... hmm...) I am going to say my antique French clock because it is so beautiful,

and I like to imagine a woman over 100 years ago, winding this clock and treasuring it every day. 

  4- What tips do you have for creating a beautiful home? Pam, you really have good questions.  I think the biggest tip here is to fill your home with things you love, and you will find it beautiful. I used to buy things for a room because they were the right color. WRONG.  When I changed color schemes, I no longer cared for those items. But sometimes I would buy something just because I loved it; those things I still have, no matter what color they are.   
I also used to buy things because they fit a theme, like "roosters" or "toile".  I don't do that any more either.   For my style, I look for warm, loved, vintage and antique touches that look very personal.  I look for dishes, silver, linens, and anything with chippy paint, curvy lines, and French style.  I prefer old furniture to new. 
Thanks for inviting me Pam.  I hope you can come join me on my back porch in person soon. I'll have my "people" call your people...
just as soon as I teach her how to use the phone. 

Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful home and fabulous style with us Anita!

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  1. Thank you Pam for sharing Anita's beautiful home! I enjoyed reading about her style and looking at her beautiful photos too!

  2. Thanks for sharing Pam. When I started reading blog ( before I had one of my own) Anita's was one of the first I found. I poured over her pictures... read every word. Luv her style.... Seen the changes form colour to a more neutral palette. Just beautiful.
    Thanks so much for sharing your luvly home Anita.
    Hugs ladies.

  3. Anita has a beautiful home! I especially loving seeing the bedding in both bedrooms pictured and the slips she has made. Thanks for sharing Anita's style with us, Pam!

  4. Love her home and her style. Her blog is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, marty

  5. I love Anita's home and style. I could just pack my bags and move right in. Watch out, Anita. I'm coming.

  6. Hi Pam,
    Anita's home is gorgeous. I love her bedroom. So pretty and serene. Love her style.

  7. I LOVE Anita's home, it is so beautiful and so well put together. She really hAS style! MY favorite piece is the double lunge chair and footstool, it makes my heart skip a beat!!! Thanks for featuring her. XO, Pinky

  8. Anita's home is just beautiful! I love her advice on filling your home with things you love as opposed to color, etc. It make so much sense. Thanks for the feature!


  9. What a wonderful feature- I am headed over to sign up to follow ONE MORE BLOG!;>) xo Diana

  10. Thanks for having me over here Pamela! This was fun, but next time, you need to join me at the ranch in person!!

  11. What a feature. Her home is stunning. I looove the room with the three beds <3 I'm swooning.

  12. Anita's home is beautiful! My style keeps changing so I'm trying to find ONE and stick with it! I love the look of white like Anita has but since I'm such a lover of color I know I'd begin adding one pop of color and it would grow from there. She offered some great tips though! I'll keep them in mind for sure! Gotta go check out my Pinterest board now..sandy ; )

  13. I love Anita's style and her homes. She uses whites and neutrals for sure, but it is the loved pieces and subdued colours that greatly contribute to her homes' personality. Oh, and I have some serious slipcover envy hehe. She has offered some great tips here too.

  14. Pam, I have always loved Anita's style and her home is beautiful.
    xx, Sherry

  15. Beautiful.
    My favorite is the porch,so inviting.

  16. Anita's home is gorgeous! Our styles are so similar and our evolution process too! It was so enjoyable to read her description and look at her lovely pictures! I just need a ranch now......

  17. Anita really struck a chord when she talked about buying things based on your color scheme or theme...once you change your scheme or theme,so many things no longer work. But as Anita points out, buying what you truly love will give you lasting,personal decor long after the country blue and teddy bears have left the building!!! Jane

  18. I have never been able to figure out my style, I just know I like what I like - and I like Anita's style!


  19. Thanks Pamela for presenting Anita's gorgeous home...I just love her beautiful sense of stiyle....

  20. What a fun Q and A with Anita. Her style is beautiful and boy can she sew beautifully. Such fun hanging out here for a few minutes tonight.

    Thanks and God bless.

  21. Whew, what a gorgeous home and very lovely style! Great choice. I love her bedroom.

  22. Anita has a beautiful home and I love her French style!

  23. Anita your home is lovely. I thought what you said about photographing a space and editing and it helping to show you what you really love and what your style is, I am finding this to be so true. Your home looks so comfortable, thanks for sharing!
    Thanks, Patty

  24. Farm/Freench decor seems to be a popular choice these days, especially among 30-40 something's. this gal does it beautifully.


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