Friday, October 19, 2012

Stair Landing Makeover

I have several projects going on at once which really is no surprise to anybody who knows me. That is just life around here. I added to my list by redoing our stair landing this week. I had been wanting to freshen things up for awhile now. I had a vision in my head of just how I wanted it to look. 

Here is how the landing looked about a year and half ago when I redid it. Since then that rug has landed in the foyer as well as the little white table. The panels I made were faux panels. I didn't even sew them on the bottoms. They were attached to the wall by upholstery tacks. Though I enjoyed this look I was wanting something more classic and simple.

Sorry this pic is awful but at the time I was frustrated because this project was taking a 100 times longer than it should have. I could not find the right bit for our drill so I had to hand screw everything into the wall. Anyways, I was trying to transform the landing spending little to no money. I had these white Ikea panels and figured they might work. I tried them several different ways and though lovely it just was not the right look. I searched and searched the internet for other options. I almost order some panels from Pottery Barn but I really didn't want to spend $65 a panel and not know if they were going to be exactly what I wanted.

The boys and I went to HomeGoods and waiting for me where these beautiful sheers. They have been there for about a month now just patiently waiting for me to take them home. At first I did not think they would work thinking they would be too short but I read and they were 108 inches long! Wow! So I grabbed two packages thinking to myself that I didn't really care that it would cost me $60 because I was positive they were the "ones". I read the package again and turns out it was $30 for a set! I was doing the happy dance in my head.

We brought them home and I immediately got to work putting them up. They are rod pocket but I chose to hang them from clips. I purchased the clips at WM for $7 a package. I needed two. I also purchased the rod at WM for $13 which I didn't think was bad at all so I was okay paying $7 a package for the clips though I remember when they use to be just $5 a package.

I finally added this faux beam that The Papa had cut for me back in the spring. Yes, I have been wanting to redo the landing since way back then. I love this look but I am thinking I may need a little wider board.

I pulled out this beautiful little mirror I got back in the summer while treasure hunting in Atlanta.

A little touch of fall.

I had just a plain pillow here and wanted something a little more so I pulled out this french inspired grain sack and just wrapped it around the pillow.

Lets go on up and see how it all pulled together shall we.

Simple and classic is what I wanted and that is just what I got. I love how airy the landing feels now. The panels actually are very similar to ones we have in our living room so everything flows so much nicer now. I am trying to talk The Hubster into ripping the carpet out on the landing and into putting the flooring down that we have put away for this space. It will be divine if I can talk him into it soon but he knows I will then want to rip the carpet off the stairs and that opens up a whole nother can of worms I am not sure we are ready to tackle just yet. 

See that pot light up there in the ceiling. It is just screaming to be turned into a ceiling mounted chandy!! Now to try and figure out how to make that happen without it costing an arm and a leg. If there is a will there certainly is a way!;)

This project ended up costing me just $60. 

Here is a sneak peek at the half bath I am in the middle of transforming. It will probably be a week or two before it is completed. I am hemming and hawing over which sink I want for in here.

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  1. I had no idea Homegoods had 108 inch panels. They are so hard to find at a great price. I love the new look.

  2. It looks lovely, Pamela! I even liked it with the Ikea panels, too.

  3. Love the new look ! Much cleaner and calming.

  4. Pamela, how pretty. I love how it softened up the look. Have a great weekend!

  5. Your landing looks great, Pamela. I love how neutral and airy it appears. I also like how the wood you add repeats the wood of your stair railing. We have a lovely window in our stairway, but unlike your landing, our stairs turn with the window over only half (a much smaller) landing. This makes curtain placement difficult.

  6. Pamela, I really love what you did here! I just love the way the window looks with the curtains. Have a great weekend!

  7. The new sheers are really pretty Pam. And.. I love the faux BEAM. It'a gorgeous!!

  8. Love your re-do--looks pretty and bright. I adore that mirror!

  9. Pamela... I love it! Love the chair, the mirror, the wreath, the pillow, the ladder... Should I go on??? LOL! It looks wonderful! Makes me wonder if we have enough room on our landing to do something similar. You might want to keep an eye out at Lowe's for a chandy. When we bought our house back in 2007, I got a huge one with tons of Swarovski crystals for more than half off on their clearance rack. Best purchase I ever made! Think I paid $150 for it - and it was definitely better than the hideous globe fixture they had there. :) Fantastic job, lady!! You've inspired me to do something with our landing. :)

  10. I love the makeover! So simple and elegant!

  11. Love the new look. It is stunning. Such a great change and it really is light and airy and so classic. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  12. Amazing change! Love it. It's soothing also. On the way up your stairs, hitting the landing, your body will instantly be relaxed and ready to sleep.

  13. The changes look beautiful. I love the lace curtains. I can't wait to see what you do next.

  14. Love the landing. The simplicity is so very nice. Also love the beam above the window that you papa made for you. I love sweet touches like that.

  15. I love the changes that you made to your landing. Watch out for the wooden toolbox full of pumpkins though - it just might disappear one night! lol


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