Friday, October 5, 2012

A Lil' More Fall

Today I thought I would share the last bit of my fall decorating around the house. I still have a few more things I could pull out of the closet but I'm just not feeling it.
This is the little area off to the side of the fireplace.

The top of our t.v. armoire.

Even the entry way into our guest room was decked out with a little fall.

Now that the fall decorating is completed I am already starting to think of what I am going to do for Christmas. Anybody else?

Don't forget about Treasure Hunt Thursday going on strong! We have reached a HUGE milestone this week with over 100 link ups so far. Can you see me doing the happy dance!?;)

Have great weekend y'all!

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  1. Pamela, your fall decor is so pretty! I'm with you...I've already got visions of Christmas floating in my head!LOL!

  2. Everything looks so fall festive, Pamela! You are so creative! I love fall!

    Happy weekend!


  3. LOL, yes actually, I am planning things in my head already, Pamela! :) Thinking about the trees and what I want to change up, do I need more ornaments, should I do the village this year and put it on top of the kitchen cabinets . . . mainly questions in my head right now, but I hope to have decisions by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

  4. It looks so great, Pamela!

  5. Very pretty Pamela! LOVE LOVE that little entry way! The pumpkin looks so cute on that candle holder.

  6. I love all your ittle touches! And that mantle is so festive!

  7. Your pinned, love your frame behind the pumpkin.

  8. I'm with Lori. The frame behind the pumpkin totally caught my eye and I know I have a thick frame somewhere that needs some love. You are always so inspirational.

  9. I absolutely hate to admit it, but yes, I am thinking on what I am going to do for place, new plans!!

  10. I really enjoy your posts; they're so inspiring! Makes me want to clean and decorate!

  11. I have had this tab open since the party started! Thanks for joining and sharing. My mom loves you! She had my sister open up your blog for her so she could look at all your stuff ;) So cute! She tells me, "Do you know that front porch girl?" lol ;)

  12. Every where you look it is picture perfect and ready for fall! I just love the guest cottage sign, so cute!

  13. Everything is beautiful,as always, Pamela! I am just loving visiting everyone and seeing all of the fall inspiration in blogland. Have a great week end.

  14. You may not be feeling it, but it certainly looks like you captured "Fall" pretty well -- it all looks great! Love the clock on top of your t.v. armoire -- looks perfect with your Fall decor.



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