Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Morning

A cold front moved into South East Texas last night so we woke up to 53 degree weather. Is is overcast and windy so when I took baby girl outside it was rather cold. I came  inside and decided that a pumpkin spice latte was in order while I worked on some new posts.

The Hubster isn't up yet so I turned on the fireplace. I know he will fuss and say it is too early to be doing that like he always does but I know a certain somebody will appreciate it.

On Friday the boys and I went to Target and I found this huge blow mold jack o lantern bucket. I LOVE blow molds so I had to buy it. It was only $6.99!

What does one do with a huge blow mold jack o lantern you may be wondering?

Ya find a cute puppy and place her in it for a photo op!;) Needless to say she as not amused and this lasted all of 2 minutes maybe.  

The house is just starting to come to life now and this is the certain somebody who I said would appreciate the fire. Sophie LOVES it when it is fireplace weather!

I will be back later today with a post on the project I am working on right now so be sure to come back by if ya get a chance and want to see.

Have a blessed Sunday y'all!


  1. I love early mornings when it's chilly and the fireplace is on :) That is one cute dog photo.

  2. Your pumpkin spice latte looks delicious, Pamela! I was very tempted to turn our fireplace on this morning, too. We've had some real Fall-like temps the past few days.

  3. Your latte looks yummy Pamela! Funny thing, the last 3 days it became so humid again we needed to turn the AC back on and then last night the temps dropped so much we needed the fireplace on, CRAZY!!
    Sweet pics of the pup and kitty:)

  4. We are a ways from fireplace time, but our early morns have been in the 60's & 70's -- that's the beginning of a cool-down for! Love the pup in the pumpkin -- she is so cute! Our little fur-ball baby loves the fireplace, too, once we get to turn it on. Last year was her first experience with the fireplace, & she would actually just sit in front of it and stare until we turned it on each evening! Our pets do rule the home!


  5. Oh your latte looks delish ~ yum. My Sofie loves the fireplace too

  6. I love mornings like this. Same weather here. She is so cute in the jack o lantern.

  7. It is cold here in the Midwest, too. We haven't ordered firewood yet so no fires here! I love your little puppy, what a cutie!

    Have a great day, Pamela!


  8. I've been enjoying your blog and your making me want a latta. lol I would be so happy to have you as a follower. Happy Fall ~ Jen

  9. Pamela, I want a pumpkin puppy too! She is so adorable! What a great shot! I posted her pic on my Pinterest boards, Fall/Halloween and Adorable Animals, giving you credit, of course. She is such a doll! Thanks for sharing! Your fall decor looks so inviting! Hugs, Leena

  10. Oh, I wanna come sit by the fire, too! Our hubbies must be kin, mine acts just as you described yours. That cute little Savannah Grace is growing like a weed, but still a doll baby!

  11. Pamela, Your home looks so warm and cozy on a chilly morning.
    Mary Alice

  12. All these images are beautiful, however the dog is cute.


  13. I was tempted to turn mine on too!
    Looks so cozy over there...

    Love that lantern! Almost bought a white one at homegoods the other day.



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