Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Little Tired

This past week I was on a mission to get as many projects completed as possible. I needed to also restock my little space at The Old Oak Cottage.
This side table had been out in the garage for months just waiting to get a make over.

I was wanting to stain the top but there was no way it was going to work out. There was too much damage to the top.

I had so many ideas on how I wanted to paint it but I just decided to let those go. I went simple. Thats why it takes me forever to do my pieces because I have so many ideas in my head and I can never decided on which one I want to attempt. 

Here it is in my space.

This shelf my mama gave to me because she didn't sell it in her yard sale.It gave a little make over.

Its a wonder what a little paint can do.

These little cherub shelves received a custom paint job as well.

I also updated this french frame. I have had it for years. It went from black to yellow to white and then waxed with dark wax all over. I decided to lighten it back up with some more white and made art work out of it with a burlap feed sack I had.

It received many compliments when I took it in and one lady said that she was going to sleep on it and come back by the next day with her mama to look at it. 

I also one night this past week staid up till the wee hours painting this mirror.

I didn't get any real good pictures of it but you can kinda see gold showing thru in spots.

Here it is in my space. 

And here is my space restocked. 

This piece never made it into my space!:)

So yep, I have been super busy. I am hoping to have the side tables finished this week some time and to start on the french armoire which I am still trying to figure out where on earth we can put it in our house. If I end up selling it I think I will cry when it leaves.

Hope all is well and thanx for stopping by!


  1. Love your space and the pieces in it. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your space looks great and has some lovely pieces. I love the table you repainted. It is one of those pieces that would work in a lot of rooms.

  3. Your little booth space is fabulous! So many wonderful the table too!

  4. I love your space, and the mirror and that funky little chair. I want that chair...and the mirror.
    You're right, paint does work wonders!

  5. You pack an awful lot of pretty into your little space, Pamela! I'd rest up now if I were you, because I think a lot more is going to be selling. : ) Then you'll need to restock again! Love that framed piece. The table turned out great.

  6. I love all the pretty things in your space. That chalkboard ... yum! The bamboo mat on the floor caught my eye. I have a few in my home but haven't seen one like that. Looks really pretty!

  7. Wow, you have been so busy! It all looks great! I wish I lived closer because I see some items that I would love to buy! Fabulous job!

  8. that little table is pretty, I'm sure it should sell quick. Your space looks great!

  9. Take you a little break, girlie. You have everything looking fabulous!

  10. Oh my goodness, Pamela, you have been busy! Everything looks so nice. Hope you have some good sales!

  11. Beautiful things! If I were closer, I would be in trouble. Thanks for sharing!


  12. I love what you did with the frame. It is amazing the changes a little paint can make.

    Just great stuff. Love it.


  13. Ohh Pamela it is all so beautiful can't wait to see the side tables finished.

  14. Pamela I love that side table, Your space looks beautiful.

  15. Pamela I LOVE every piece that you have in your space! Love the paint finish you did on the round table and love love the mirror makeover and frame with the burlap!! Have a great week:)

  16. Pamela, wonderful!
    The shelves were graceful cherubs.

  17. You're putting the rest of us to shame with all the fabulous things you've been up to!

    Love the framed grain sack!! Your space looks amazing - wish I could get my retail therapy on right now!

  18. Pamela, Your space is wonderful! I see several things I would like to take home and your table turned out great.

  19. Oh my! I just want to take everything and put it right in my home! Gorgeous! I can't even say which are my favorites, because they're ALL my favorites. (And, yeah, that customer was definitely in the right place at the right time to snag that beautiful ornate architectural feature. Lucky for her!) Wonderful!

  20. Hi Pamela! I love your space and all your creative pieces. Hunter and I recently tried to get us a little space at our local shop but they were full! Blessings, Tammy

  21. Pam , Your space is full of such beautiful things :)

  22. Innovative and stylish uses of our burlap sacks Pamela!!

    Abbey (


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