Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ellen's Timeless Treasures

The boys and I had to run a few errands today and while we were out we stopped off at Ellen's Timeless Treasures. 

It is a quaint shop where there is something for everybody, new and old.

I love this french country dining set and can picture it all painted up.

The boys liked this vintage Mickey Mouse phone.

Ellen rents rooms out and this vendor had their room all decked out.

Annette has just finished up this beauty and put it in her space. I am sure it won't last long!

I love that vintage silver plated tea set.

This I can picture as a kitchen island.

A fabulous idea for an old ladder!

Even more eye candy. Can you find what I fell in love with in this space?

If you guessed the ornate desk you would be right! I LOVE this desk and am still trying to figure out how I could possibly get it for The Hubster. He wanted to keep the frenchy desk I had recently redone but it was too small. This one is the perfect size. 

So I didn't come home with the desk and there were so many items I did want but all I brought home was this old drawer. I have no idea what I will be doing with it but I am sure I will find a use for it soon.

If you are local and on the hunt for quaint little shops and want to help support local vendors be sure to stop by Ellen's!


  1. I do wish I was local... that was a pretty tour!! We are going camping next week in Waller but I am not sure if I could sneak a little day trip away!! :) ~ Lori

  2. I love this shop and your are right it is quaint. What great stuff! I cou,ld goe crazy in this store.

    I love the drawer.


  3. So glad you posted this, I love her shop. And Ellen is such a wonderful person♥

  4. Lovely things, Pamela! I love the drawer you got. That would make for a great display shelf. I can't believe that Mickey Mouse phone is considered an antique. When we honeymooned in Disney the rooms had Mickey Mouse phones in them. I do think it had the push buttons though, so now I don't feel quite so old! : )

  5. I love these kinds of stores - so fun! Thanks for sharing....


  6. What a great store pamela, Thanks for sharing.

  7. Owner from Timeless Treasures wants to thank Pamela for sharing pictures of the shop today. Hope you all enjoyed them. come out and see us!(:

  8. What a great place...loads of stuff to choose from. It could be dangerous. :o)

  9. Gorgeous. Wish it was closer. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great place Pamela...will jot that down in my "travel book" if ever in the area, I will be sure to stop in!
    Love traveling through Texas!

  11. Wow! Fantastic things!! I see a few things I'd have to have if I lived there :)

  12. There's a lot of stuff in that store I would buy. Good thing I don't live in Texas!


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