Monday, April 9, 2012

The Elusive Blind Stitch

Happy Monday y'all! I hope that everybody had a blessed Easter weekend with friends and family. The Hubster was at home ALL weekend which was fabulous! He has been working turnaround since January which involved him working 14 day stretches. We were glad to have him at home with us. Our Easter was quiet and nice.
In my last post I showed y'all the napkin pillow I made. I was having major issues trying to figure out how to blind stitch it closed. After hours of watching videos and reading tutorials I was still at a loss. Thankfully my good friend Jennifer who is an upholster showed me the trick. Many of you requested that if I figured it out to share so share I will attempt to do. I am NOT a pro and I am sure those who have been sewing for many more years than me have a much better explanation but this is the best way I can explain it.
Jenn told me the trick was a curved needle. She uses a suture needle that her Grandaddy gave her. I am so thankful she took the time out to help me! It was a HUGE help to actually see the stitch done in person so I highly suggest if ya know a sewer be sure to ask them first rather than trying to figure fit out on your own. 
After Jenn showed me the stitch the boys and I headed to HobLob in hopes of finding a curved needle.  Thankfully they had some. It was in a pack called repair needles.
First pin your closure shut. This helps greatly but you will find as you go along you can take them out.
Thread your needle. I purchased heavy duty thread so that it would not break when pulling on it and because the thicker it is the larger the knot is at the end so it is less likely to pull thru the fabric. I am using the smallest/skinniest curved needle in the pack.
Next make your first stitch at one of the ends of the closure.
Here is what that looks like. You are stitching the inside of the fabric on each side. 
Next up I turned my pillow around and started stitching on the opposite side in the opposite direction of the initial stitch. This is a MUST or it won't close correctly. I know this from first hand knowledge!;) 
Now you just alternate from side to side with your stitching. Do not make your stitches to far apart or you will leave gaps in between.
Also as you go along be sure to pay attention so that you do NOT stitch all the way thru both sides of the fabric. I finished up my blind stitch and it looked good but this is what I found when tying the knot off. I had to start all over.
 Just keep alternating the side you are stitching on till you get the end of the closure.
Tug a little and tie it off with a knot. This was still loose looking since I stitched a bit further down in to the closure. Easy fix!
I just went back and completed all the steps over again. Doing so just makes your stitch least likely to pop back open or pull.  
Blind stitching to me is a much more appealing option to close up a pillow rather than a machine stitch across the bottom or a whip stitch. It gives you a cleaner look.

Again I am NO expert and honestly it took me NUMEROUS attempts to get the stitch right. So don't get frustrated just know that you may have to take the stitch out several times before you get it right.
Not sure how helpful this tutorial is but hopefully somebody will find it useful!;)

With blind stitching under my hat I had some fun making a few new pillows yesterday after my men went to bed. Be sure to come back tomorrow and I will share them with y'all!

Have a grand Monday!

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  1. Pamela, I just stitched up two throw pillows this morning...Since the fabric was printed and for Emma's room, I did not hide the stitches. I whipped stitched it. Gee, while I am thinking of it, I should get a picture.:):) Your pillows are very pretty. Smiles, to you, Susie(She Junks)

  2. You did a great job! I never knew about the curved needle. What a great tip! I usually use the three piece method when making pillows. Two over lapping piece in the back and the larger in the front. Then you can removed the pillow from the pillow cover to wash...

  3. Great job, Pamela, on your explanation of the blind stitch. I think anyone can follow your tutorial. Once you learn it you never forget it..although it takes a bit of practice to get it right again if you don't do it for a while. Your pillow is perfect now! xo Diana

  4. Great job pamela. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pamela,
    Thank you my friend...I will give it a try. Hop over today...I featured you at NTT...your link at NTT last week got the most hits...congrats to YOU!!!


  6. Great job! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial with us...and you did a good job at it too!! LOVELY pillow! I love the red toile!
    blessings, Doni

  7. Ha! I've done this stitch before, but I never realized it was the real blind stitch! I just figured it was some random way that didn't have a real name. Glad to know what it is! :)

  8. I have a curved needle..but have not used it in years!..Thanks for the refresher course!!...I should look at it again, it may be rusty!!

  9. Hey, Pamela! You did a great job! This is a super technique to use on neckroll or bolster pillows as well!

  10. Hi Pamela, just a great explanation now if could just learn to sew. I get so angry at myself for not letting my mom teach me when I had the chance.

  11. Pamela, this was a great tutorial! I never knew how to do this, but I think I can follow your instructions. I never knew about the curved needle, either!

  12. Nice tutorial, Pamela. This can be done with a straight needle but you just have to be a bit more careful & take smaller stitches. I usually just put in a zipper, much faster & easier on my!

  13. This is an unbelievably fantastic tip. I have several curved needles that I use for attaching piping to upholstery where there is no seam. I would have never thought to use it on pillows! Thanks for sharing, as always, -K

  14. Not a bad job at all....very good work. Especially if it's your 1st try. I have been sewing since I was 3 yrs old and have never used a curved needle at all but still get good results. So pleased to see people makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing your work.

  15. SO glad you got that tip! I know you were dead set on getting that pillow sewn up =)

  16. Pamela, great and beautiful work! So nice tutorial!



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