Monday, March 12, 2012

Mystery Project

Don't forget about my Porch Party happening right now! It will be open for the next three weeks so that everybody will have a chance to add their porches!


  1. Walnut stained pieces of wood of different lengths..... could be a..... hmmmm...... something.



  2. Girl....when i get a porch I will be sure to share. May cant get here soon enough

  3. I spy plants, I spy wood.....flower boxes? I can't thank you enough for MAKING me clean up my porch...oh my...what an improvement! LOL

  4. How about a wagon full of flowers?...Or a large flower box..or a tall wooden planter?? I give up...any more hints?

    I have the same "situation" with power tools...My hubby's quote "Back away from the power tools"..and he is right...The only thing I counteract with that is "power driven" is my car!

  5. I have to honest I have know idea but can't wait to see the poject finished.

  6. You're such a tease! Can't wait to see what it is. It looks like something good though.

  7. It looks interesting! I love what I see so far!


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