Sunday, March 11, 2012

Porch Party-From My Front Porch

Welcome to my very first Porch Party! So glad ya stopped by! 
 I finally finished sprucing up our front porch. It is already for spring!

This is what I started out with. Nice yes, but it is what I have been doing for the past few years and thus I wanted to change it up a bit.

I decided to take one of the urns away and then wanted to place grapevine around the door. Well let me tell ya grape vine is not easy to work with and it was thrown down several times and left to be for days at a time.
In between fighting with the grape vine I pulled this chair out of the dark depths of our garage and gave it a light sanding and stained it a tad darker just to freshen it up a bit.

Tada! Grapevine wrangled and chair in place.

I just used the same wreath from the past few years. When it gets closer to the summer I stick a flag in it. I may put a nest  in it when I find one large enough.

I found this pretty vine garland at HomeGoods. It had dogwood flowers ALL over it but it was too much so I pulled most of them off and just left the ones in the center.

Newly updated corner where the second urn use to sit.

I had a second letter E from Kirklands since I had purchased them on clearance so I decide to turn it into an F as well and placed it here where our Welcome sign use to hang.

Now we have a Welcome basket. I purchased it back in November and was just waiting for the right spot to use it. 
Not sure why it took me so long to pull it altogether but I am happy with the way it tuned out! I may eventually add some white lights around the door.

So now that I have shared my porch I am excited to see y'alls! You can share your front porch, back porch, both or even just your dream inspiration porches! Anything goes as long as it has to do with porches! You can even link up old pictures of your porch if you do not have your porch ready for spring yet. I know that in some areas of the country spring has not sprung yet!:)
Same rules apply as Treasure Hunt Thursday- Please include a link back to the party in your post. No advertising. Also be sure to turn off your Word Verification. By turning it off you will open your post to lots of comments! I will leave the party open for THREE weeks so those of you who do not have your porch done yet but want to come and party too have a chance to spruce things up!:)

So now on to the Porch Party!


  1. Hey, I do have a dusty old grapevine I took down from my kitchen my very first week of blogging. I know right where it is-same place I threw it too outside. I could try something like that.


  2. I know how difficult it is work with grapevine. I used it many years ago during the holidays and wondered if there was an easier way to hang it. Your front door area turned out so pretty. I like your chair in the corner. My porch hasn't been touched yet. It's rather plain looking until it warms up more.

  3. I love how it all came together! Great job! Thanks for hosting the party. If I can find some pics I will link up. ~Marlee

  4. Hi! Loving your front porch. The letter is really neat! What a great party. I will go snap some pics in the morning and link up. Looking forward to seeing all the pretty porches.

  5. Hi Pamela! Oh, your front entry looks beautiful! Love the grapevine and your welcome basket! I need some things for my porch. Mine is nekked! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Glad you won Pam The grapevine looks fantastic!! It really makes the door stand out and finishes it off beautifully. I love it. All the changes are very fresh and pretty. Looks wonderful =)

  7. Pam, I made it to the party! I love your makeover!! Great idea witht the E to the F :) It all looks great!

  8. Pamela, your porch looks lovely! This is a great makeover! The chair looks wonderful! You've given me a some great ideas! Thanks for hosting!

  9. Well wrangling with that grapevine was well worth all the effort as it is spectacular..I am so in love with it..Your porch is so very inviting. I am going to have to copy cat your monogram with the greenery..Lots of monograms on the front porches it seems...

    Between you and KariAnne at Thistlewood, you definitely have put that very "personalized" touch to your front porches!...

    Thanks for hosting..I enjoyed preparing my porch today for this party and now there are freeze warnings tonight..Yikes!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Oh wow! Your entry way looks wonderful! I love the grapevine wreath.


  11. Your porch looks so pretty! I love the grapevine wreath with garland...just gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend :o)

  12. Gorgeous porch Pamela!! I haven't spruced my front door up yet-but if I get it done- I'll come over and link up! :)

  13. Thanks for hosting such a fun party! Great idea!
    Your front porch reminds me of our large home when we raised our kids. Made me miss it.
    Your porch has so many beautiful details-LOVE it!

  14. Your porch is beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing all the porches ... I live in a city apartment so I have a long balcony but no porch!! :)

  15. WOW Pamela, your front entry looks GREAT! I love the grapevine swag above your door. Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Gail

  16. You did a great job. It looks beautiful.

    Now....what can I do for mine??? Hmmmm.....

  17. I wish I could play to, but I don't exactly have a front porch ready time ok?....but I am anxious to see everybody elses. I love the fighting garland around the door and relieved to see that you prevailed!!

  18. I will be searchign for front porches to use. It is too cold to do anything in New Jersey my porch is like yours. I wish I could get things ready on my porch but the weather is to cold.

    Yours looks great I love the grapevine around the door and the wreath.

  19. Pamela, yours looks nice for spring. I haven't done a thing to mine yet.

  20. Oh outside is a mess right now. I love what you did with the.porch and I reallllly love that F.

  21. Pamela, Your porch looks beautiful. Nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  22. It all looks so beautiful Pamela!! I just finally took the sled off of my front porch. LOL! I'm hoping the weather will cooperate long enough for me to get some Spring flowers but sadly it won't be in time to join your fun party. Guess I'll just have to drool all over everyone else's lovely porches! :-)

  23. I love the addition of the chair with the basket on it. Very inviting. Thanks for hosting such a great party.

  24. Great porch for spring! Just linked mine up. I invite you to stop by on Friday for my Keep It Simple Saturday party!

    Thanks for hosting this special porch party.


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