Friday, November 25, 2011

The Antique Market

Hope everybody had a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving and that y'all survived Black Friday! This year we did not partake in the shopping frenzy. I was hoping that I would be lucky enough to find my Hoover Lynx on special that I have been wanting since we finished our floors back in July but no such luck. Thinking it will now be on Santa's list!;)

This past week we have been spending time with our families. For my mom and I that meant shopping and some more shopping!  
One of our first stops was at The Antique Market. We love this shop and go in it every year when I visit. Mom goes in it probably once every two weeks if not more.

You can find all sorts of things here!

There is even a booth with more primitive items.

I fell in love with these turquoise mason jars and even thought about bringing a few home but alas I did not.

This shop does lean more towards formal antiques for the most part but there is a little of something for everybody.

If I could have brought anything from this shop home it would have been this beautiful wall sconce! It would be perfect in the guest bedroom above one of the side tables! Way out of this SAHM mama's budget though.

This secretary was very pretty.

A very unique cherub lamp.

I meant to bring this bunny home and forgot. We saw it the first day we went in but we only had abt 30 or so minutes before closing so I said it would go on my to go back and get list. Well when we went back I forgot what was on my list!:( I think he would have been cute in the dining room on the buffet.

Gorgeous antique bed!

This bust is an original creation by the owner Steve! He evens does mirrors which I forgot to get a pic of of. I am not sure but I would not be surprised if the painting behind the bust was one of his creations as well.

And this is the shop where you can pick up Annie Sloan Chalk Paint if you live in Augusta or surrounding areas! 

They are also the first carriers of the new CeCe Caldwell's Chalk Paint that I told y'all about the other day! CeCe lives in the area and so Steve I am sure will be fully stocked once the full run of colors is out!

So if you live in the Augusta or surrounding area and have not been to The Antique Market I highly suggest ya pay Steve and all his vendors a visit! It is a must see shop! Be sure to tell Steve Pamela sent ya!:) I can not wait to stop back by next year.


  1. Hey, Sweet lady! Antiquing is on our list of things to do tomorrow! My parents are in town and after our wonderful Thanksgiving we're going to do a bit of shopping! We didn't do the Black Friday thing either. This looks like a wonderful place to visit. I bet we'll be hearing more about this new chalk paint!

  2. What a wonderful place to drool many pretties! Thanks for taking me since I don't live close enough to go...sure wish I did!

  3. Such a cool place! I'm loving the dresser with the sheet music!

  4. What a nice place, Pamela! The antique marts I've been to so far have not been done up quite as nice as this one you went to. I LOVE that bunny! I had one just like it except he wasn't holding anything when I bought him at Home Goods. Unfortunately, I think I got rid of him when we listed our house the first time two years ago, because I haven't seen him anywhere. I had thought about making a chalkboard for him to hold and I can't believe there is one just like it out there.

  5. looks like a place I would love to visit. I did a little black Friday shopping at Target with a friend, got some good deals, they were very organized there. I had thought of doing Walmart first as they opened at 10, but I drove through the full parking lot and took that as a sign I did not want to step into that craziness!

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  7. What a great place to shop and maybe I can visit there soon, since it's in Augusta! Thanks for highlighting! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Debbie

  8. We used to have a market like that nearby ~ It was amazing. I could walk around there all day.

    Have a great new week. : )


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